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Cid's Test Track is a racing track in Chocobo Racing, situated nearby Cid's lab. This is where Story Mode begins, when Cid gives Chocobo his newly-invented pair of Jet-Blades. Trying them on, Cid tells Chocobo to try it out on his test track nearby.


CR Cid's TT Map
Course No: 1
Course Length: 1,239 meters
Difficulty: 1/5

The track is simple, short, and is the easiest course in the game. After making the first turn the racers are taken underneath a tunnel for a short period of time. Cid's Test Track is ideal for testing out new racers or abilities as its simple layout allows players to experiment.

There is no challenger for this course, and Chocobo will race alone during the story mode. The course features a blimp with Square written on it, and a grounded rocket in the background. The music for this course is a remix of the "Chocobo Theme".

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