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An earnest young man from the village of Tipa, where he lives with his family. Annually he sets out with his friends as part of Tipa's crystal caravan, a perilous quest for myrrh needed to purify the village's crystal. Loves striped apples; doesn't care for star carrots.


Ciaran is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the event*(Global)/Lost Chapter*(Japan) Caravan of Hope.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ciaran is a young man who is easily mistaken for a teenager by people unfamiliar with Clavats. He has short sandy hair that sticks up in the front and brown eyes. He wears standard traveling gear for a caravanner: a white shirt, a green vest with a leather chestplate, and knee-length trousers with a belt containing three pouches. He also wears white stockings and shoes with ankleguards in the back. His shield has the Clavat tribal emblem imprinted on it.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ciaran is an easygoing person who fits the stereotype of Clavats as being honest and peaceful. Although he isn't pleased to be taken from his world, he accepts the task Materia sets him. Ciaran advises his new comrades about memories, noting that there must be a balance between having nothing or being overburdened. Although he is an experienced caravanner and remembers the ending of his quest, he is modest about his skills and somewhat taken aback by the Warrior of Light's dramatic proclamations.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Ciaran is called to the goddess Materia's chambers to assist her other warriors. The two engage in a conversation regarding her decision to seal the negative memories of other travelers so as to grant them peace, and how she later came to regret it. Her goal remains to restore the world to a right state in hopes that it will prevent the corruption of other worlds. Though Ciaran does not fully understand the mechanics of his new surroundings, he agrees to join the goddess's cause.

When he arrives to meet Mog's battalion, he finds immediate camaraderie with the three Clavats already in the group; though they come from different tribes, they share much more in common than their physical traits. This leads to a discussion within the group on the role memories play in various worlds. And yet it is Ciaran's cheerful disposition that puts the warriors at ease as their journey continues.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Much as with Alisaie, Ciaran's powers change and increase by charging an overhead gauge. His Bash skill can be used to accumulate drops of myrrh to be spent while attacking.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Feather Saber (FFCC)+.png Feather Saber (FFCC)+
6★ (EX+) 100
Hope for the Future Extension:
  • Improves EX Ability Caravan Memories.
DFFOO Bastard Sword (FFCC).png Bastard Sword (FFCC)
5★ (LD) 90
Wandering Memories:
  • Grants access to LD Ability Shadow Blade.
DFFOO Feather Saber (FFCC).png Feather Saber (FFCC)
5★ (EX) 70
Hope for the Future:
  • Grants access to EX Ability Caravan Memories.
DFFOO Rune Blade (FFCC).png Rune Blade (FFCC)
5★ 35
Might in Magicite:
  • When using Holystrike, Holyrastrike:
    • Raises the BRV gain based on Attack
    • Raises BRV potency
  • When using Soulshot, Soulshot+:
    • BRV gain based on Attack becomes AoE
    • Raises BRV potency
DFFOO Steel Blade (FFCC).png Steel Blade (FFCC)
5★ 15
Duty to My Village:
  • When using Bash:
    • Raises BRV potency
    • Improves the effects of Crystal Caravan and extends its duration
    • Acquires 1 additional Drop of Myrrh (max 5)
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Mythril Shield (FFCC).png Mythril Shield (FFCC)
7★ 210
Essence of Support:
  • Party: Raises ATK by 5%
  • Party: Obtainable BRV and maximum HP DMG dealt may exceed 99999 by 5% (up to 104998)
DFFOO Iron Shield (FFCC)+.png Iron Shield (FFCC)+
6★ 130
  • Raises MAX BRV by 220
  • Raises ATK by 72
DFFOO Iron Shield (FFCC).png Iron Shield (FFCC)
5★ 90
  • Raises INT BRV by 110
  • Raises DEF by 84
DFFOO Makeshift Shield (FFCC).png Makeshift Shield (FFCC)
5★ 35
  • Raises HP by 680
  • Raises ATK by 72

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Command abilities
Move Type Attributes Obtained Image
BRV Attack
BRV Default 150px
Steals enemy's BRV.
HP Attack
HP Default DFFOO Ciaran HP Attack.jpg
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.
Default 150px
Crystal STR 20 150px
Set Drop of Myrrh
Crystal STR 65 150px
Caravan Memories
EX Ability 150px
Passive abilities

Unlockables[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • Ciaran is said to be older than Layle despite looking like a teen, a likely nod to the indefinite number of ingame years that can pass during a playthrough of Crystal Chronicles.
  • Ciaran's character profile concludes with his favorite and unfavorite foods. Players can set "favorite foods" when creating a character in Crystal Chronicles.
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