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The Chuse Tank is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII that resembles a seahorse. It can be fought during AVALANCHE's mission to destroy Mako Reactor 5 in the Lower Sector 4 Plate, the location before the player actually reaches the reactor. Chuse Tank is also a possible encounter in the Battle Square opening round before the player obtains the Tiny Bronco. In the Battle Square it has enhanced stats with double the normal HP and 25% higher Attack and Magic Attack.



Rolling Claw.

Chuse Tank has two attacks: Claw, which does normal physical damage, and Rolling Claw, which deals damage equal to one-eighth of its target's current HP. The Chuse Tank uses both attacks equally. Claw prioritizes targets in the front row and Rolling Claw will be used on whichever target has the highest current HP. It does not have any weaknesses, but due to its low HP, it should not take more than a single attack to defeat it.


# Formation
331 Chuse Tank A, Chuse Tank B
336 Row 1: Grashtrike A, Grashtrike B
Row 2: Chuse Tank A*(Covered by Grashtrike A), Chuse Tank B*(Covered by Grashtrike B)
337 Row 1: Chuse Tank A
Row 2: Chuse Tank B, Chuse Tank C
338 Row 1: Chuse Tank A, Chuse Tank B, Chuse Tank C
Row 2: Grashtrike A, Grashtrike B
343 Row 1: Chuse Tank
Row 2: Blugu A, Blugu B, Blugu C (Back Attack)


Sector 4 Plate
First Duct 336, 337, 338
Ladder 343 (Back Attack)
Big Room 343 (Back Attack)
Small Room 336, 337, 338
Exit 343 (Back Attack)
Battle Square (before Tiny Bronco)
Group B - Battle 1 331

AI script[]

1/2 Chance

If (any opponent is on the front row) Then: Use Claw on random opponent on the front row

Else: Use Claw on random opponent

1/2 Chance: Use Rolling Claw on random opponent with highest HP

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