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Church in the Slums is a field map in Final Fantasy VII within in the Sector 5 slums church, itself within the Sector 5 Slum field. Cloud and Aeris escape from Shinra here.



The main room, the chapel has rows of benches and flowers in the center. Cloud lands in this area after falling from outside the No. 5 Reactor in the previous quest. This is the only area of the church that can be revisited.


Located in a room at the back, just behind the chapel. The wooden staircase is in ruin due to a spacecraft having crashed in the middle of it. This is the room where Aeris escapes from Shinra in "The Woman at the Church". There are many wooden pillars at the top, which transition into the Roof area in-game when Aeris reaches Cloud's level.


After Aeris reaches Cloud's level, the pillars at the top become the Roof area. Cloud and Aeris run across the support beams to escape through the hole in the roof to access the Sector 5 Slums - Rooftops.


Barrels in the church.

Cloud wakes up at the church and meets Aeris. After a short conversation, the two escape Shinra forces and Reno, but become separated. Cloud can use several barrels at the top of the church to reduce the number of enemies Aeris must face, or simply let her fight or run from them.


Battle background.

Staircase and Roof[]


All encounters are fought by the staircase and the roof. Aeris fights most of them alone, and is placed in the back row by default. It is best to equip her with Magic Materia.

The enemies themselves, the Hedgehog Pie, MP, and Guard Hound, have very low HP and will go down after a couple physical attacks or a single magic spell.

Aeris's ghost[]

After returning to Midgar from Part 2 onwards, the player can find an apparition of Aeris on the flower bed. It only appears once, and once triggered can never been seen again, but numerous glitches surround this area and can be confused with this "ghost".