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Chubby Chocobo is a one-of-a-kind Triple Triad card in Final Fantasy VIII used to play the minigame and for turning into items with Quezacotl's Card Mod. Chubby Chocobo is the seventy-eighth card in the inventory and the first Level 8 card. It depicts Chubby Chocobo who only appears in Boko's ultimate attack. Chubby Chocobo is one of the more arduous cards to obtain, as it requires partaking in two separate sidequests to become available.

As a Level 8 card Chubby Chocobo good values and is good to place in a corner as NPC card players can rarely beat an 8 without special rules. Its value placements may also be useful for games that use Same and/or Plus.


Chubby Chocobo card location.

Chubby Chocobo's card is part of the Queen of Cards sidequest. To get the card before the point of no return the player must progress the quest until the queen asks for the Chicobo card. This is done by losing the MiniMog and Sacred cards to her first and she has her father make new cards. Next time she is in Dollet, she'll ask for the Chicobo, which is obtained by completing the Chocobo Forests sidequests (possible as soon as the player has the mobile Balamb Garden). Losing it to the queen and talking to her in Dollet, she says her father made the Chubby Chocobo card, which can then be won off the student sitting outside the Balamb Garden library. He uses Balamb region rules.

After the point of no return, the card is in the Queen of Cards' deck and she can be challenged on the Lunar Base escape pod crash site where she will use all the rules of the minigame. If the player completed the Card Club sidequest before endgame, however, the player can challenge the left girl of CC Diamond within the Ragnarok airship, as she ignores in whose hand each Level 8–10 is supposed to be and just plays them in order. The player can even modify the Chubby Chocobo card into items and still win it back from the left CC Diamond girl.

Card Mod[]

The Chubby Chocobo refines into 100 LuvLuv Gs with Quezacotl's Card Mod ability. The player can then easily max out everyone's Guardian Force compatibility with every GF, however, the mechanic does not have much effect on the actual gameplay and is thus likely not worth doing. The LuvLuv G does not refine into anything further.

Physical version[]


In 1999, following the release of Final Fantasy VIII in Japan, Bandai produced a full set of collectible Triple Triad cards. The set was made up of the 110 cards as seen in the game along with 72 artwork cards and a collector's edition playing mat. The cards have a blue side and a red side. The cards have become a rare collector's item.