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LRFFXIII - Chronostasis

Chronostasis activated.

Chronostasis is an EP ability in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. By consuming a single unit of EP, Lightning can temporarily stop the flow of time. The effects of Chronostasis end when the player performs certain actions, such as boarding a monorail or sleeping at an inn. It has no effect on people or objects and only stops the in-game clock, allowing extensions of time for time-sensitive quests.

Chronostasis freezes the clock for one minute and fifteen seconds of real-time which are thirty in-game minutes. The world will continue to move normally, so the player can speak with other characters, continue with quests and so on. Activating Chronostasis will place a distortion effect over the clock seen on the HUD, and this effect will gradually move faster until Chronostasis runs out. Using Chronostasis can mess up the monorail schedules, as using it after the train has arrived doesn't prevent it from leaving, thus setting the player back until the next one.

Chronostasis cannot be used in the Ultimate Lair—where time flows continuously even in battles)—or on the world's final day where the time mechanic is no longer used.


Chrono is derived from the Greek word khronos, meaning "time".

The word "stasis" comes from Greek στάσις, meaning "a standing still".

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