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Delita's info in Final Fantasy Tactics (PS).

Chronicles (ブレイブストーリー, Bureibusutōrī?, lit. Brave Story), also known as Brave Story, is a feature in Final Fantasy Tactics. They are supposedly the story of the game as told by Arazlam Durai, who wants the player to determine for themselves whose account of the War of the Lions was correct: his ancestor's, Orran Durai, whose story is told in the game, from the point-of-view of Ramza Beoulve; or the version of the story that was referred to in history, which writes Ramza off as an insignificant heretic, and claims Delita Heiral was the true hero.

The Chronicle are accessible from the main menu, and are frequently updated as the story progresses with information on events and characters.


The Chronicle are made up of several sections: Events, Personae, Errands, Wonders, and Artefacts.


A description of every storyline even that has occurred, along with an option to re-watch the scenes.


Information of all characters shown in-game up to that point, updated when the party learns more about them.


A list of the errands the party members have undertaken.


A list of the ancient wonders discovered by the party.


A list of the artefacts discovered on Ramza's journeys.