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Chris Parson

Chris Parson is an American voice actor, he voices Gladiolus Amicitia in the Final Fantasy XV Universe


Game Release Character
Final Fantasy XIII-2 2012 Additional voices
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 2014 Additional voices
Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae 2015 Gladiolus Amicitia
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV 2016 Gladiolus Amicitia
Final Fantasy XV 2016 Gladiolus Amicitia
Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV 2017 Gladiolus Amicitia
Final Fantasy VII Remake 2020 Additional voices


He is also known for voicing Junkrat in Overwatch, Yusuf Tazim in Assasin's Creed: Revelations and Bigfoot in The Son of Big Foot.

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