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This strange frog/like creature has sharp fangs, but is rather timid and tends to run away quickly. Its venom, however, makes it somewhat dangerous when provoked.


The Chomper is an enemy in Bravely Default.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Chompers can run away at any time during battle. Their Poisonous Chomp attack inflicts Poison on their target. They drop a large amount of EXP and JP for the area, but they can be difficult to defeat due to their high defenses and evasion.

Strategy Edit

An ideal method to defeat them is to use Sleep to prevent them from acting, then letting loose a series of group-casted Thundaras to exploit their weakness.

Alternatively, Rangers have an innately high Aim, so they could use Aquatic Slayer to deal heavy damage to a single one, allowing Black Mages to single-target their Thundaras for heavier damage.

Related enemies Edit

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