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Choh Moui

Choh Moui is a non-playable Mithra from Final Fantasy XI who gained worldwide notoriety as the inventor of multifarious foods designed to coax optimal performance out of pets, Choh Moui's name has come to be almost synonymous with the term "Beastmaster." Another of her monikers, "Baroness of Bugdom", derives from her renown as the most accomplished tamer of insects that Vana'diel has ever known, capable of bending everything from antlions to wamouracampa to heel at her side in submission.


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Such talents can no doubt be attributed to an unfortunate series of events which resulted in her incarceration for crimes perpetrated by her mother, Ghino. This guilt by association forced her to spend several years of her youth in the confines of a dank underground prison cell. It was here that a young Choh Moui would find her childhood playmates in the form of the insects and vermin she today commands to fight by her side, devising prodigious new methods that allowed her to communicate and interact with them.

Following an act of clemency by the state, a pardon was issued which granted her release. Choh Moui immediately threw herself into alchemical studies and syntheses guided by her intimate familiarity with the beasts of Vana'diel. She eventually succeeded in developing groundbreaking new edibles that would completely revolutionize traditional thinking about pet food. Prior to the Crystal War, she opened a humble teaching establishment in the main commercial district of Olzhirya, and in a short time came to amass legions of adherent disciples. She quickly rose to prominence and established a reputation as an industrious young entrepreneur amongst the people.

Upon hearing news of the outbreak of war, she placed all proprietary rights to her then numerous schools up for sale. With the money, she turned to bribery to try and secure the release of her mother; still imprisoned and now bedridden with illness. After repeated failed attempts, she was left and set out alone on a transcontinental voyage to war-torn Mindartia. Shortly thereafter, unsubstantiated accounts began circulating of her appearance on the battlefield, accompanied by her characteristic chigoess, allegedly to gather the blood of soldiers for some sinister aim of perverted science. Any truth to these rumors, as well as the original intent behind her voyage to Mindartia, remains shrouded in mystery.

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Type NPC
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Location Crawlers' Nest (S) (I-11) (no alliance)

Southern San d'Oria (S) (J-11) (allied with San d'Oria)
Bastok Markets (S) (E-7) in the Northern corner of the West Auction House behind Narkissa (allied with Bastok)
North Windurst Waters (S) (G-12) (allied with Windurst)

Involved in Missions
Involved in Quests


  • Choh Moui's life story is part of an article in the Great Figures of the Crystal War, Vol. II.
  • Choh is a Legendary Beastmaster, inventor of the Pet Food Biscuits.
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