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A little chocobo that loves to waddle around. These feathery friends love to headbutt things; this is fine, because a chocobo's eggshell never cracks twice.

Mirage Manual entry

Chocochick is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


Base statsEdit

Mirage Board spacesEdit

Active Ability SP Required
Cure 4
Shell 4
Ram 2
Passive Ability SP Required
Gilfinder 4
Stat Boosts
Stat SP Required
HP+ 3
Defense+ 3
Agility+ 3
Miscellaneous Spaces
Support Ability SP Required
Stroll 1
Blank Space SP Required
Blank Space 2
Prism SP Required
Chocochick Prism 1
Transfiguration SP Required
Chocobo 1
Mirage Board set SP Required
Black Chocochick 1
Miscellaneous Information
SP Total SP
Mirage Board 29
Mirage Board family 87
Entire Mirage Board group 171 / 234 (with DLC)
Level Requirement Level
Fresh (No other transfiguration unlocked) Transf. Unlocked
Mirage Board completion 23 21
Mirage Board family Mastery 65 60 *(level requirement is also the same with DLC)
Mirage Board group Mastery 65 60 *(level requirement is also the same with DLC)

Encounter StatsEdit

Wellspring WoodsEdit

The ColiseumEdit

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EX Dungeon ZEdit


Location Formation
Wellspring Woods Chocochick *(One-time tutorial battle)
Wellspring Woods Chocochick x2
The Coliseum - Boko & Family *(DLC/Maxima only) Chocochick, Chocobo Stack (Chocochick, Boko), Boko Stack (Chocochick, Boko)
EX Dungeon Z - Area 6 Chocochick x6
EX Dungeon Z - Area 6 Mu x2, Behemoth Stack (Chocochick, Babyhemoth, Behemoth)

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"Choco" is short for "chocobo". The name "chocobo" derives from a Japanese brand of chocolate malt ball by Morinaga, ChocoBall (チョコボール, Chokobōru?). The mascot for this product is Kyoro-chan (キョロちゃん?), a bird who says "kweh."

食う / くう / kuu is a rough way to say "eat", whose volitional casual form is 食え / くえ / kue ("let's scoff 'em down!"), leading to Kweh!

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