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CommSphere Calm Lands Ruins

Clasko grooming a chocobo.

I can't raise anything here without any chocobos!
—Clasko when he realizes he doesn't have any chocobos

The player can raise captured chocobos at the Calm Lands Ruins after certain criteria have been met. There are two ways to unlock the quest:

The player must go to the Calm Lands and defeat the monsters in the Calm Lands Ruins. Clasko will give some greens to go out and catch chocobos with and from then on chocobos can be captured, upgraded and sent in search of treasures.

Clasko stays at the ranch and talking to him lets the player dispatch, feed, inspect and release chocobos. He also replenishes the greens the player can feed to chocobos and use to capture them in battles.


Wild chocobos can be met in battle alongside other fiends. They attack the party and bold chocobos may even use to the powerful Choco Meteo. They respond to being attacked by counterattacking or running away. They can be killed.

To capture a wild chocobo, all other fiends must be defeated without agitating the chocobo. So, the party's first action must be feeding it any grade of greens (via Item command), which calms it and prolongs its time in battle. The First Strike ability helps a lot. The party should not use AI-controlled monsters and should avoid the Berserk debuff. Once all other enemies are eliminated, the remaining chocobo must be fed Gysahl Greens to capture it.

Wild chocobo locations
Locations Bold Chocobo Normal Chocobo Timid Chocobo
Kilika Island, Thunder Plains, Bikanel Desert 80% 10% 10%
Djose Highroad, Calm Lands 10% 80% 10%
Besaid Island, Moonflow, Macalania 10% 10% 80%

Captured chocobos are sent to the ranch. Clasko has room for fourteen chocobos and extra birds are released.

Catching a chocobo before the end of Chapter 3 in the Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster version earns the Tricky Trapper trophy/achievement.


Clasko's Choco-Browser displays the attributes of captured chocobos as well as his inventory of greens. Each chocobo has the following attributes:

  • Level — affects the type of items the bird brings back and the likeliness of the bird running away
  • Nature — timid, bold or normal
  • Heart — the willingness to be dispatched on treasure hunts; each chocobo starts with 100
  • Max Level — Displayed from Chapter 5 onwards by talking to the chocobo directly. The number indicates to what extent the player can develop the bird by feeding it greens


Captured chocobos can sometimes be upgraded by feeding them nutritive greens: Pahsana, Mimett and Sylkis. The "Raise Chocobo" command in Clasko's menu shows chocobos that have upgrade potential, along with the type and number of the nutritive greens required for one level of upgrade.

Level Greens Amount Needed
2 Pahsana 10
3 Mimett 10
4 Mimett 30
5 Sylkis 40


Each chocobo starts with a Heart score of 100. As they are dispatched on treasure hunts they lose Heart. The amount of Heart lost is affected by the chocobo's nature and suitability of the dispatch area. Lower Heart stat indicates higher probability for the chocobo to run away or to return with common items or no items at all. A chocobo that is poorly suited for its destination loses 60 Heart. In most locations, which have average suitability, it loses 30 Heart. If it is well-suited for the destination, it loses 15 Heart.

Location suitability depending on chocobo's nature
Locations Bold Chocobo Normal Chocobo Timid Chocobo
Besaid Island Unsuited Well-suited Average
Kilika Island Average Unsuited Well-suited
Mi'ihen Highroad Average Average Average
Mushroom Rock Road Average Average Average
Djose Highroad Well-suited Average Unsuited
Moonflow Unsuited Well-suited Average
Thunder Plains Average Unsuited Well-suited
Macalania Unsuited Well-suited Average
Bikanel Island Average Unsuited Well-suited
Calm Lands Well-suited Average Unsuited
Mt. Gagazet Average Average Average
Zanarkand Ruins Average Average Average

The treasure is largely inconsequential; there are two Garment Grids the player gets by failing to get any other items. Higher level chocobos bring back better items.

While the ranch can hold up to 14 chocobos, only four of them can be designated as active runners and be dispatched. The rest are kept in reserve. The player can change the roaster of active runners when they are back from their treasure hunt.



Level Treasure
1 Potion, Potion x2, Potion x3, Potion x4
2 Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Ether, Turbo Ether
3 Hi-Potion x2, Phoenix Down x2, Ether x2, Turbo Ether x2
4 Hi-Potion x3, Phoenix Down x3, Ether x3, X-Potion
5 Hi-Potion x4, Phoenix Down x4, Ether x4, Elixir


Level Treasure
1 Budget Grenade, Grenade, Grenade x2
2 Grenade x3, M-Bomb, M-Bomb x2, Petrify Grenade
3 Grenade x4, L-Bomb x2, Petrify Grenade x2
4 S-Bomb, L-Bomb x3, Sleep Grenade x2, Titanium Bangle
5 M-Bomb, Silence Grenade x4, Star Pendant, Venom Shock

Mi'ihen HighroadEdit

Level Treasure
1 Soft, Soft x2, Soft x4
2 Remedy, Eye Drops, Silence Grenade, Silver Bracer
3 Remedy x2, Eye Drops x2, Silence Grenade x2, Gold Bracer
4 Remedy x3, Eye Drops x3, Silence Grenade x3, Rune Bracer
5 Remedy x4, Eye Drops x4, White Cape, Mute Shock

Dispatching a high-level chocobo here in Chapter 5 can also unlock an optional dungeon (see below).

Mushroom Rock RoadEdit

Level Treasure
1 Fish Scale, Fish Scale x2, Fish Scale x3, Fish Scale x4
2 Dragon Scale, Water Gem, Blue Ring, Cerulean Ring
3 Dragon Scale x2, Water Gem x2, Watery Gleam, Electrocutioner
4 Dragon Scale x3, Water Gem x3, NulTide Ring, Short Circuit
5 Dragon Scale x4, Water Gem x5, Silver Glasses, Blind Shock


Level Treasure
1 Star Curtain, Star Curtain x2, Star Curtain x3, Star Curtain x4
2 Lunar Curtain, Lunar Curtain, Mana Tablet, Stamina Tablet
3 Lunar Curtain x2, Lunar Curtain x2, Mana Tablet x2, Stamina Tablet x2
4 Lunar Curtain x3, Light Curtain x3, Mana Tonic, Stamina Tonic
5 Lunar Curtain x4, Light Curtain x4, Twist Headband, Dream Shock


Level Treasure
1 Antidote, Antidote x2, Antidote x3, Antidote x4
2 Remedy, Holy Water, Healing Spring, Ether
3 Remedy x2, Holy Water x2, Healing Spring x2, Turbo Ether
4 Remedy x3, Holy Water x3, Healing Spring x3, Regen Bangle
5 Remedy x4, Holy Water x4, Healing Spring x4, Recovery Bracer

Thunder PlainsEdit

Level Treasure
1 Electro Marble, Electro Marble x2, Electro Marble x3, Electro Marble x4
2 Lightning Marble, Lightning Gem, Yellow Ring, Ochre Ring
3 Lightning Marble x2, Lightning Gem x2, Lightning Gleam, Short Circuit
4 Lightning Marble x3, Lightning Gem x3, NulShock Ring, Electrocutioner
5 Lightning Marble x4, Lightning Gem x4, Black Choker, Chaos Shock


Level Treasure
1 Potion, Potion x2, Potion x3, Potion x4
2 Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Phoenix Down x3, Mega Phoenix
3 Hi-Potion x2, Phoenix Down x2, Phoenix Down x4, Mega-Potion
4 Hi-Potion x3, Phoenix Down x3, Mega Phoenix, Mega-Potion x2
5 Hi-Potion x4, Phoenix Down x4, Potpourri x2, Fury Shock


Level Treasure
1 Bomb Fragment, Bomb Fragment x2, Bomb Fragment x3, Bomb Fragment x4
2 Bomb Core, Fire Gem, Red Ring, Crimson Ring
3 Bomb Core x2, Fire Gem x2, Fiery Gleam, Sublimator
4 Bomb Core x3, Fire Gem x3, NulBlaze Ring, Freezerburn
5 Bomb Core x4, Fire Gem x4, Gold Anklet, Stone Shock

Calm LandsEdit

Level Treasure
1 Potion, Potion x2, Potion x3, Potion x4
2 Dispel Tonic, Chocobo Feather, Silver Hourglass, Gold Hourglass
3 Dispel Tonic x2, Chocobo Feather x2, Silver Hourglass x2, Gold Hourglass x2
4 Dispel Tonic x3, Chocobo Feather x3, Silver Hourglass x3, Chocobo Wing
5 Dispel Tonic x4, Chocobo Feather x4, Dragonfly Orb, System Shock

Mt. GagazetEdit

Level Treasure
1 Antarctic Wind, Antarctic Wind x2, Antarctic Wind x3, Antarctic Wind x4
2 Arctic Wind, Ice Gem, White Ring, Snow Ring
3 Arctic Wind x2, Ice Gem x2, Icy Gleam, Sublimator
4 Arctic Wind x3, Ice Gem x3, NulFrost Ring, Freezerburn
5 Arctic Wind x4, Ice Gem x4, Angel Earrings, Mortal Shock


Level Treasure
1 Echo Screen, Echo Screen x2, Echo Screen x3, Echo Screen x4
2 Remedy, Dispel Tonic, Silver Hourglass, Ether
3 Remedy x2, Dispel Tonic x2, Gold Hourglass, Turbo Ether
4 Remedy x3, Dispel Tonic x3, Gold Hourglass x2, Kinesis Badge
5 Remedy x4, Dispel Tonic x4, Pretty Orb, Lag Shock


Sending chocobos on hunts costs some Heart, which can be restored by feeding Pahsana Greens in the Feed Chocobos section of Clasko's menu: 10 Heart for each 1 Pahsana Green.

Releasing Edit

Chocobos eventually need to be released to make room for new chocobos which can potentially be upgraded to higher levels. Releasing can be done from the Clasko's menu. The chocobo to be released needs to be present at the ranch.

Replenishing supplies Edit

The party can replenish its inventory up to 99 Gysahl Greens by selecting the Junk Food Greens command from Clasko's menu. The Nutritive Greens command fills up the inventory to 99 of Pahsana, Mimett, and Sylkis Greens.

The amount of replenished greens is deduced from Clasko's stock in the ranch. Clasko replenishes his greens supply gradually. The amount replenished depends on the Chapter and the number of battles fought.

Chapter Gysahl Greens Other Greens
2 5 per 12 battles 10 per 6 battles
3 5 per 10 battles 10 per 6 battles
4 & 5 5 per 6 battles 10 per 5 battles

The Nutritive Greens command can change how much of each type of greens Clasko adds to the ranch's supply next time. This is done by setting a ratio for each green type. For example, if Clasko has 500 Pahsana Greens, 400 Mimett Greens and 100 Sylkis Greens and the ratio is set to 0% Pahsana Greens, 50% Mimett Greens and 50% Sylkis Greens, after five battles in chapter 5, Clasko imports 5 Mimett Greens and 5 Sylkis Greens. The resulting inventory will have 500 Pahsana Greens, 405 Mimett Greens and 105 Sylkis Greens.

The greens used to restore chocobos' Hearts or upgrade them are deduced from the inventory, not the ranch's stock.

Secret dungeons Edit

Fiend ColonyEdit

The Fiend Colony is located on the Mi'ihen Highroad. The player must dispatch a level four or five chocobo to the highroad during Chapter 5 to access it. Once the bird returns, Clasko will report a new dungeon has been found.

Ruin DepthsEdit

There are two conditions to unlock the Ruin Depths optional dungeon underneath the chocobo ranch:

  1. Three successful chocobo dispatches per level.
  2. Have four Level 5 chocobos as the Chocobo-Runners at least once.

The game tracks successful dispatches across all owned chocobos. The player must have succeeded in dispatching chocobos three times at levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 each. A chocobo running away does not count as a successful dispatch, nor does discovering the Fiend Colony.

The easiest way to do this quest is to aim to catch chocobos with a Max Level of 5, since they will become necessary to fulfill the second condition. While capturing chocobos players can start periodically dispatching chocobos they have already caught. The chocobos' nature and destination do not matter.

Work on this quest can be started in Chapters 2 and 3. Any successful dispatches the player has achieved in this time count towards the Ruin Depths conditions and do not need to be repeated. Once all the conditions have been cleared Clasko informs that the chocobos found something in the back of the cave. The dungeon entrance is displayed as a green square on the minimap.

The Amazing Chocobo Edit

The Amazing Chocobo is a flight-capable golden chocobo that finds better items and does not run away. It can be found in the Ruin Depths side quest.

This bird has its own menu and accepts two commands: Search and support. The search command sends the Amazing Chocobo on a treasure hunt; it returns after 22 battles. The support command sends the Amazing Chocobo out and causes any ordinary chocobo dispatched afterwards to have a lower chance of running away. It has no effect on chocobos dispatched before issuing the support command.

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