Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon 2: Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack containing music from Chocobo's Dungeon 2. Composed by various artists in the Squaresoft community, it is arranged by Kenji Ito and produced with Nobuo Uematsu. Many of the tracks are original and cutesy, some being variations of the "Chocobo Theme", as well as other character themes. A variation of the "Theme of Love" is also part of the soundtrack, which is part of the game. The final two tracks are audio samples of the commercials for the game.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Prelude ~Premonition of a New Journey~"
  2. "Dungeon Discovered!"
  3. "Searching for Treasure!"
  4. "Shiroma's Theme"
  5. "Good Night"
  6. "Fat Chocobo's Theme"
  7. "I'm Not Afraid"
  8. "Skull Hammer"
  9. "Whisper of Time"
  10. "Partner Moogle"
  11. "Monster Village (Version 1)"
  12. "Enter! Cid Tank"
  13. "Mechanical World"
  14. "Cid's Theme"
  15. "Old Man Cid's Castle"
  16. "Chant of Truth"
  17. "Imp Robo Boss"
  18. "Advance!? Cid Mariner"
  19. "Story of the Bottom of the Sea"
  20. "Phantom Dimension"
  21. "Time of Trial"
  22. "Mysterious Corridor"
  23. "Theme of Love (Piano Solo)"
  24. "Ultros"
  25. "Wind of an Undiscovered Region"
  26. "Monster Village (Version 2)"
  27. "Lots of Interesting Things"
  28. "Snow Field"
  29. "Time of Sorrow"
  30. "Glass Goth
  31. "Theme of Love"
  32. "Strongest Impact"
  33. "Monster Village (Version 3)"
  34. "Kyaa!"
  35. "Arara..."
  36. "Charge!!"
  37. "The Last Prelude"
  38. "Glass Goth X ~ Glass Goth Z"
  39. "Illusion Destruction"
  40. "Meeting Shiroma Again"
  41. "The Journey Continues"
  42. "Staff Roll"
  43. "March de Chocobo"
  44. "TVCM Part 1"
  45. "TVCM Part 2 ~Charge!!~"

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