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Chocobo GP' (read as “Chocobo GP Dash”) is a free-to-play game for iOS and Android. Made as a promotional game for Chocobo GP, the game features no microtransactions and is a vehicle platforming game, in which the player controls the titular Chocobo as he escapes from a temple with a treasure on his worn rollers alongside his friend Atla.


The game has simple controls, with a forward button and reverse button allowing the Chocobo to go forward and back, which, when off balance or in the air, double as lean forward and lean backwards buttons allowing the Chocobo to regain balance. The goal is to reach the end of each stage without losing too much of the treasure, represented by 7 gems that can slip out of Atla's pocket if they are tipped for too long.

Reaching the end of each stage with all gems intact grants bonuses, earning gear coins that can be spent at the custom shop to upgrade the Chocobo's roller-skates up to five levels in the following parameters:

  • Max Speed
  • Anti-Gravity
  • Balance
  • Traction
  • Accel.

Alongside these upgrades, the Chocobo's "ride" can be customised by adding breaks, and the Chocobo himself can be given a scarf.


The game features 35 stages, some of which feature a Fat Chocobo as an obstacle or a Golden Cactuar to catch, each with their own design and challenges.

  1. Forward, Chocobo!
  2. The Cavernous Cave
  3. Run Through Wooden Boxes
  4. A Bumpy Ride!
  5. Caution! Bumpy Road Ahead
  6. Up and Over the Barrel Drums
  7. High Jump over the Bridge
  8. Avoid the Traps!
  9. Wobbly Wooden Boxes
  10. The Roads Not Travelled
  11. Seesaw Frenzy
  12. Lift Jump
  13. Cross Over Quick!
  14. Iron Ball Rumble
  15. Which is the Correct Route?
  16. Scuttle Dash
  17. The Cave of Winding Footholds
  18. The Disappearing Act
  19. Strange Happenings
  20. A Mysterious Kingdom
  21. Beware of Falling!
  22. Run, Chocobo, Run!
  23. Barrel Drum Bash
  24. Caution! Iron Balls Ahead!
  25. Forge a Path Forward!
  26. Super Dash
  27. Watch Out Overhead!
  28. The Cave of Many Bridges
  29. Rebounding Footholds
  30. The Cave of Crumbling Footholds

Production credits[]

Square Enix
Producer Hironori Okayama
Director Akihiko Maeda
Art Director Rubi Asami
Chocobo Design Toshiyuki Itahana
Project Manager Yojiro Hashimoto, Yusuke Murota, Takuto Fukuda
Quality Assurance Tsubasa Tomiya, Hiroki Asano
Localization Yayoi Ohba, Hikari Masunaga, Marie Imai
Rocket Studio, Inc.
Project Manager mahha kamohara
Director Takayuki SHIMADA
Program kenichi OOYAMA
Game Design Senri TSUNOKAWA, Shouta TERUI
Graphic Design Kouta KAMEYAMA, Marina NAGAYAMA, Chiaki NISHIKI, Hinako MIURA
Project Support pei a.k.a. SemeruMamoru, Maki KATAOKA