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Chocobo GP is racing game for the Nintendo Switch released 10 March, 2022. Part of the Chocobo series, the game was announced during a Nintendo Direct in late 2021. The game is a sequel to Chocobo Racing, and features some returning characters from the wider Chocobo and Final Fantasy series, as well as tracks based on locales from both series.[1]


Chocobo GP is a kart racing game, where players pick from a multitude of characters to race against other players or computer controlled opponents in themed race tracks in a contest to reach the finish line first.

The player characters pick up items containing magicite, which can be used to cast spells of increasing potency as you collect more of the same type of magicite. Each character also has an innate ability specific to the character with different utility.[2]

Characters can also drift boost to cut corners and gain bursts of speed.[2]


The game features a Story mode that follows Chocobo's racing adventure as they interact with various characters and race them, as well as Series Races mode that follows a series of four races with up to two players locally or more online. In addition, a Time Attack mode where one can race against ghosts and a Custom Races mode where one can set up various rules and scenarios are available.

An online only mode, called Chocobo GP Mode, allows players to compete in multiple elimination style races with up to 64 players with points awarded the further in you get.[1] These points progress the Season Pass, a limited time, premium currency-gated, season based, battle pass-like system behind which characters and other items are locked.

Playable characters[]

Playable characters have different attributes as well as a selection of vehicles they can choose from, which determine their Speed, Grip, Acceleration, and Drift, which are marked from 1 to 5.[2] Similar to the original game, each racer also has an unique ability. Abilities charge over time as shown in a wing-like bubble on the HUD. Performing various tricks such as drifting may increase the charge speed slightly.

  • Chocobo - Chocobo Dash ability: Creates a series of rings behind him that give him a boost and automatically continues along the track invincible. The rings formed can be used as boosts by other racers.
  • Atla - Pom-Pom Crystal ability: Steals crystals from other racers in front and scatters fake ones behind that explode on contact with other racers.
  • Clair - Invisihood ability: Becomes transparent and intangible, making it impossible for to be targeted by other racer's attacks.
  • Camilla - Chocobo Combo ability: Creates five rings that grant speed boost and invincibility by passing through, with the effect extended by passing through more. Other racers can also go through the rings and receive boosts.
  • Camilla's Pa - Deploys his plow and becomes invincible, causing spin outs to any other racers that come in contact with him and leaving behind water puddles that cause similar effects.
  • Shirma - Kurukuru Counter ability: Releases Kurukuru, who creates a barrier around her and counters any magicite sent after her by other racers.
  • Cid - Three-Shot Burst ability: bombards other racers with cannon blasts.
  • Irma - Boost Chain ability: activates a boost.
  • Ben - Charge ability: Grows in size and rushes forward, progressing automatically and invincibly, hitting and wiping out any other racers he goes through. Can be partially controlled.
  • Terra - Magitek Missile ability: Shoots five projectiles in front that will wipe any other racers they encounter.
  • Maduin - Chaos Wave ability: boosts forward, hurting other racers as he goes.
  • Vivi - Dbl Magic ability: casts two types of high-tier magic at once, with the direction input determining which spell.
  • Steiner - Moonlight Slash ability: attacks a racer in front of him, wiping them out, then continues attacking until there no others left.
  • Ifrit - Hellfire ability: creates a fire barrier that moves along the track.
  • Asura - Tsunami ability: moves forward in a huge wave, automatically turning. Any other racers that encounter the wave get wiped out.
  • Titan - Gaia's Wrath ability: creates shockwaves that create pillars of ground that hurt other racers.
  • Sylph - Whispering Wind ability: creates whirlwinds that slow downs other racers and makes them harder to control.
  • Ramuh - Judgment Bolt ability: summons thundercloud that homes in on other racers.
  • Shiva - Diamond Dust ability: freezes other racers, limiting their abilities.
  • Racing Hero X - Mog Beam X ability: a huge laser that can be deployed forward to hit other racers, or backward as a shield to protect from attacks.
  • Mecha Chocobo - Berserk ability: fires attacks forward continuously for a period of time.
  • Gilgamesh - Sword Saint ability: throws an assortment of swords to other racers, causing different effects depending on the sword that hits them.
  • Necroshell - Spinning Smash ability.
  • Cactuar - Giant 1,000 Needles ability.

Additionally, certain characters are available seasonally for a limited amount of time, refreshing every two months, either purchasable on that season's store with gil or obtainable through levelling the premium Season Pass, known as the Prize Pass, which costs premium currency mythril, up to level 60:

Season 1

Race tracks[]


  • Fire/Fira/Firaga: A fireball that is sent forward in a straight line, gains homing capabilities once upgraded and becomes an area of effect explosion at full power.
  • Water/Watera/Waterga: A magic that places a geyser behind the player that persists for some time until a racer collides with it. The size and strength of the water geyser increases with each upgrade.
  • Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga: A bounding arc of electricity that shocks multiple racers, with the amount and strength of the attack increasing upon being upgraded.
  • Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga: Shoots icicles that freeze other racers. The amount of icicles and the length of the freeze depend on the upgrade.
  • Aero/Aerora/Aeroga: A whirlwind that zig-zags in front of the caster. Upon being upgraded it'll become a tornado and at full power it sends out two.
  • Quake/Quara/Quaga: Creates a shockwave through the earth around the user that hurts other racers. The damage and size of the attacks increases with each upgrade.
  • Doom Level 1/Doom Level 2/ Doom Level 3: A magic that sends a grim reaper to another racer. The reaper attacks after a time count. The target can mash the R button to shake it off. Powered up versions take less time to activate and therefore harder to shake off, as well as creating blasts that can damage other racers.
  • MBarrier/MBarriera/MBarrierga: Prevents a single hit from a single magicite attack for 3 seconds upon triggering. Upgraded versions last for 5 seconds, with the strongest version triggering automatically even if not manually activated.
  • Haste/Hastera/Hastega: Grants a speed boost for a period of time dependant on the upgrade.
  • Swap Level 1/Swap Level 2/Swap Level 3: Creates two warp gates along the track, automatically letting the user traverse a set distance forward. The gates will take time to dissipate so other racers can use them as well. The distance warped depends on the level.
  • Bahamut Level 1/Bahamut Level 2/Bahamut Level 3: An invincible summon that replaces the user and automatically boosts them through a portion of the course, hitting enemies along its path. The damage and time traversed depends on the level.
  • Ultima: A race wide attack that wipes out all other racers. Ultima can only be obtained by continuing to collect Magicite Eggs while the Stocker is full. It can only be activated by each racer once per race.

There are also smaller crystals scatted around the race track that can be collected, though some are lost when hit by an attack. If a racer manages to gather 10, they gain some form of boost, but if they are hit in this state they immediately lose all of them. They can also be obtained as magicite, in which case they can be added to the total when activated.


A racing tournament is held and the victor is to receive a price like no other: to be granted a single wish.[1]

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The game features many original tracks for the game, including the vocal theme "Chocotte Gran Prix" (チョコっとグランプリ, Chokotto Guranpuri?) which is available with Japanese or English lyrics. An album release is slated for 23 March, 2022.[3]


Upon release the game received mostly mixed reviews, citing the game's tone and charm as positives, but mostly seen as average or inoffensive.[4][5] Following its release, the game was criticised for it's inclusion of heavily advertised microtransactions despite 50 USD price tag, with fans comparing it to "mobile games" and feeling as if they were being "nickel and dime them", criticising the slow season pass progression, and FOMO tactics.[6][7] Following this backlash, a day after release the game was adjusted to decrease the points needed to level in the Season Pass,[8] with the stated intention of making sure everyone had the chance of acquiring the time limited characters.[9]

Production Credits[]

Voice cast[]

Character Japanese English
Atla Yu Sugimoto Laura Post
Camilla Lynn Lizzie Freeman
Camilla's Pa Itaru Yamamoto Sean Chiplock
Clair Yumi Uchida Stephen Fu
Racing Hero X Maria Naganawa Cristina Vee
Cid Riki Kitazawa Keith Silverstein
Shirma Sayaka Senbongi Erica Mendez
Irma Mai Nakahara Christie Cate
Ben Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Alan Lee
Ifrit Yumi Uchida Sam Riegel
Shiva Satomi Arai Melanie Minichino
Ramuh Hochu Otsuka Steve Blum
Titan Takuya Nakashima Edward Bosco
Sylph Satomi Arai Salli Saffioti
Asura Satomi Arai Laila Berzins
Leviathan Hochu Otsuka Keythe Farley
Bahamut Takuya Nakashima Andrew Morgado
Gilgamesh Riki Kitazawa Keith Szarabajka
Maduin Riki Kitazawa Crispin Freeman
Terra Branford Yukari Fukui Natalie Lander
Cloud Strife (archived audio) Takahiro Sakurai Cody Christian
Squall Leonhart (archived audio) Hideo Ishikawa Doug Erholtz
Vivi Ornitier Ikue Ōtani Kath Soucie
Adelbert Steiner Minoru Hirota Crispin Freeman
Necroshell Mai Nakahara Daman Mills


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