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Chocobo GP is an upcoming racing game for the Nintendo Switch, set to release in 2022. Part of the Chocobo series, the game was announced during a Nintendo Direct in late 2021 and is set to release 2022. The game is a sequel to Chocobo Racing, and features some returning characters from the wider Chocobo and Final Fantasy series, as well as tracks based on locales from the latter series.[1]


Chocobo GP is a kart racing game, where players pick from a multitude of characters to race against other players or computer controlled opponents in themed race tracks in a contest to reach the finish line first.

The player characters pick up items containing magicite, which can be used to cast spells of increasing potency as you collect more of the same type of magicite. Each character also has an innate ability specific to the character with different utility.[2]

Characters can also drift boost to cut corners and gain bursts of speed.[2]


The game features a Story mode as well as the ability to set up custom races. In addition an elimination style tournament can be set up for up to 64 players. The game can be played offline and online.[1]

Playable characters[]

Playable characters have different attributes as well as a selection of vehicles they can choose from, which determine their Speed, Grip, Acceleration, and Drift, which are marked from 1 to 5.[2] Similar to the original game, each racer also has an unique ability, though less is known about these at this time. Some characters also appear to have unique variants, such as an orange chocobo with a a flower decoration and a female voice.

  • Chocobo (appears to retain the Dash ability)
  • Camilla
  • Steiner (Ability executes a series of sword slashes along with a shield effect, presumably allowing Steiner to charge through other racers and obstacles. Can be interrupted if he takes a hit from behind, however)
  • Vivi (possibly replacing Black Magician, as shown using a powered up spell)
  • Gilgamesh (Ability throws out a variety of weapons to strike down around him)
  • Shiroma (appears to retain the Barrier ability)
  • Behemoth
  • Mog (Ability launches an energy orb forward that will launch opponents)
  • Dungeon Hero X
  • Ramuh
  • Fat Chocobo
  • Mecha Chocobo
  • Cid

Abilities charge over time as shown in a wing-like bubble on the HUD. Performing various tricks such as drifting may increase the charge speed slightly.

Race tracks[]


  • Fire/Fira/Firaga: A fireball that is sent forward in a straight line, gains homing capabilities once upgraded and becomes an area of effect explosion at full power.
  • Aero: A whirlwind that zig-zags in front of the caster.
  • Doom: A magic that "sticks" to an opponent, hitting them after a period of time, represented by a reaper like figure. However, the target can mash the R button to shake it off. Powered up versions take less time to activate and therefore harder to shake off.
  • Water: a magic that places a geyser behind the player that persists for some time until a racer collides with it.
  • Reflect: a magic used to reflect other magic aimed at the user for a short time

There are also smaller crystals scatted around the race track that can be collected, though some are lost when hit by an attack. If a racer manages to gather 10, they gain some form of boost, but if they are hit in this state they immediately lose all of them. They can also be obtained as magicite, in which case they can be added to the total when activated.


Few details of the story are known at this time. What's known is that a racing tournament is held and the victor is to receive a price like no other: to be granted a single wish.[1]


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