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Chocobos at Akademeia.

Chocobos are wonderful little critters that can do just about anything! Some folk raise 'em for farming, some raise 'em for battle, and others raise 'em for dinner. I reckon your average bird can't do all that! Chocobos are special—and don't you go forgetting it, ya hear?


Chocobos are large birds used as steeds in Final Fantasy Type-0. Chocobo is a recurring creature in the Final Fantasy series, appearing in almost every installment. In the world of Orience chocobos are clad in armor and ridden into battle.


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Izana Kunagiri's chocobo, Chichiri, accompanies him to battle when Milites attacks Akademeia. Though wounded, Chichiri protects her rider valiantly. Izana rides Chichiri through burning rubble, but is too weak and falls to the ground. Chichiri refuses to leave his side, and both perish.

When Machina Kunagiri visits the Akademeia chocobo stables, he thinks Chichiri would be a good name for a chocobo, not realizing he had already named a chocobo such once, as all memories of his late brother were removed from him by the Vermilion Bird Crystal. Ace is another Agito Cadet at the academy who loves chocobos and thus frequents the stables.

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Orience's chocobos are moderately taller than humans. They are found all across Orience and are a common means of transport. Chocobos bred in captivity become affectionate of humans, and bond with their riders to the point they refuse to leave their side even in danger. Because of chocobos' loyal and brave nature, they can be used as war steeds. For example, Akademeia breeds chocobos and provides them to deployed cadets as a means of transportation.

Chocobos are said to have a strong odor to them. They eat greens, and different types of greens help them breed.

There are no noticeable differences between male and female chocobos.


Bronze chocobo icon.
Silver chocobo icon.
Gold chocobo icon.

There are many different chocobo breeds which have different uses in missions.

Name Description
Chocobo*(basic) A run-of-the-mill chocobo that can be found all over Orience.
War Chocobo A chocobo that is difficult to take down.
Combat Chocobo A chocobo with decent offensive abilities.
Assault Chocobo A chocobo with strong offensive abilities.
Swiftwind Chocobo A chocobo with extremely strong offensive abilities.
Fleetfoot Chocobo A chocobo that is fast but easily defeated.
Turbo Chocobo A chocobo that is extremely fast but easily defeated.
Sonic Chocobo A fast, sturdy chocobo.
Supersonic Chocobo A sturdy chocobo that is extremely fast.
Sidestepping Chocobo A weak chocobo that can dodge enemy attacks.
Evasive Chocobo A weak chocobo that can dodge almost all attacks.
Sneaky Chocobo A sturdy chocobo that can dodge attacks.
Stealth Chocobo A sturdy chocobo that can dodge attacks and hit hard.
Knight Chocobo A chocobo with strong offensive and defensive abilities.
Ninja Chocobo A fast, powerful chocobo that can dodge enemy attacks.
Master Chocobo A chocobo among chocobos with exceptional abilities.

Specific chocobos[]


Chichiri and Izana.

Chichiri is a chocobo who accompanies Izana. She was named by Machina, who presumably owned her originally. Despite being injured she protects Izana till the end. She dies to attacks from the Militesi Empire and goes down with her rider.



Chocobo ridden.

Well, chocobos get tired just like you and me, and they don't like hauling folks around all day. When they get tuckered out, they drop you faster than a hot griddle in the middle of summer! Yes, once they fly off, they ain't coming back. That ain't no reason to mistreat 'em, though. If you're just looking for practice, you're welcome to circle around the ranch as much as you'd like.


When the player first visits the Akademeia Chocobo Ranch they get 20 chocobos, ten males and ten females. They can "test ride" a chocobo in the corral. Chocobos appear under the "Item" section of the menu, and can be ridden on the world map as long as the party has at least one in the "inventory". When a chocobo is available, a chocobo icon and the button input required to mount it appear on the side of the screen. Chocobos have their own physical attack while mounted, Chocobo Kick. If the player is attacked while riding, such as during the RTS sequences, the chocobo takes damage and can die.


Chocobo egg.

Chocobos can be bred at the stables. Upon the player's first visit to the stables, they receive three Gysahl Greens.


Chocobo captured.

Chocobos appear on the world map. To capture them, the player needs to approach one and press the action button. Different regions have different types of chocobos. Chocobos always spawn in set locations, usually near towns.

Musical themes[]

"Chocobo!" (チョコボ!, Chokobo!?) is the theme that plays when riding a chocobo on the world map.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Dota 2[]

Chocobo courier.

The chocobo mount and Moglin (Moglin-Type-0-in-Dota2.png) could be obtained as a courier and ward respectively, for those who pre-purchased the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Steam release.



The name "chocobo" derives from a Japanese brand of chocolate malt ball by Morinaga, ChocoBall (チョコボール, Chokobōru?). The mascot for this product is Kyoro-chan (キョロちゃん?), a bird who says "kweh".

食う / くう / kuu is a rough way to say "eat", whose volitional casual form is 食え / くえ / kue ("let's scoff 'em down!"), leading to Kweh!