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Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Trading Card Game

Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Trading Card Game released in 1998 by Bandai.
All cards relate to Chocobo's Dungeon 2 and were only available in Japan.
There are a total of 296 cards split into five categories:

  • 19 x Dungeon Cards
  • 74 x Item Cards
  • 154 x Monster Cards
  • 8 x Playable Character Cards
  • 41 x Support Cards

Dungeon Cards[]

# Card
D-001 The deepest point is in reach!
D-002 Confuse Trap
D-003 Spike Trap
D-004 Pitfall Trap
D-005 Spin Trap
D-006 Forget Trap
D-007 Spring Trap
D-008 Warp Trap
D-009 Mud Trap
D-010 Poison Trap
D-011 Stove
D-012 Recycling Box
D-013 Spring
D-014 Vanish Trap
D-015 Shelf
D-016 Morph Trap
D-017 Land Mine
D-018 Treasure Chests
D-019 Secret Loophole

Item Cards[]

# Card
I-001 Map Card
I-002 Polish Card
I-003 Mystery Tag
I-004 Warp Stone
I-005 Crash Stone
I-006 Teleport Box
I-007 Merge Seed
I-008 Haste Seed
I-009 Seed
I-010 Dispel
I-011 Antidote
I-012 Potion
I-013 Creature Essence
I-014 Bomb Essence
I-015 Thief Essence
I-016 Turtle Essence
I-017 Tonberry Essence
I-018 Wooden Saddle
I-019 Mythril Saddle
I-020 No-Sleep Saddle
I-021 Crystal Saddle
I-022 Wooden Claws
I-023 Mythril Claws
I-024 Sleep Claws
I-025 Crystal Claws
I-026 Haste Collar
I-027 Memory Collar
I-028 Titan Feather
I-029 Energy Feather
I-030 Magic Feather
I-031 Ramuh Feather
I-032 Sylph Feather
I-033 Book Of Fire
I-034 Book Of Blizzard
I-035 Book Of Thunder
I-036 Book Of Aero
I-037 Book Of Quake
I-038 Book Of Drain
I-039 Shiva Stone
I-040 Carbuncle Stone
I-041 Unicorn Stone
I-042 Teleport Tag
I-043 Apple
I-044 Hi-Potion
I-045 Huge Animal Essence
I-046 Counter Saddle
I-047 Champions Saddle
I-048 Holy Claws
I-049 Healing Claws
I-050 Guard Collar
I-051 Magic Collar
I-052 Summon Feather
I-053 Book Of Fira
I-054 Book Of Thundara
I-055 Odin Stone
I-056 Card Division
I-057 Mystery Tag
I-058 Fruit Of Knowledge
I-059 Elixir
I-060 Mask Essence
I-061 Toad Essence
I-062 Mirage Saddle
I-063 Brand Saddle
I-064 Light Claws
I-065 Yell Claws
I-066 Brand Claws
I-067 Recovery Collar
I-068 Brand Collar
I-069 Phoenix Feather
I-070 Book Of Blizzara
I-071 Book Of Aera
I-072 Book Of Quaka
I-073 Book Of Draina
I-074 Bahamut Stone

Monster Cards[]

# Card
M-001 Goblin
M-002 Cactus
M-003 Black Magician
M-004 Bomb
M-005 Magman
M-006 Malboro
M-007 Lamia
M-008 Sahagin
M-009 Puppeteer
M-010 Hedgehog
M-011 Tonberry Jr.
M-012 Mini Mage
M-013 Thug
M-014 Skeleton
M-015 Nut Eater
M-016 Magic Pot
M-017 Neon
M-018 Land Turtle
M-019 Gnome
M-020 Imp
M-021 Onion
M-022 Floating Eye
M-023 Wild Rat
M-024 Zombie
M-025 Mummy
M-026 Kuz
M-027 Grand Roller
M-028 Behemoth
M-029 Devilfish
M-030 Ogre
M-031 Imp Robo #1
M-032 Clay Golem
M-033 Dark Goblin
M-034 Black Sorcerer
M-035 Merman
M-036 Necromancer
M-037 Gatlinghog
M-038 Margoyle
M-039 Blood Skeleton
M-040 Skull Eater
M-041 Sorcerer Pot
M-042 Shadow
M-043 Large Turtle
M-044 Toy Soldier
M-045 Pudding
M-046 Ahriman
M-047 Sewer Rat
M-048 Revenant
M-049 Grand Mummy
M-050 Guz
M-051 Octopus
M-052 Jelly
M-053 Skullhammer
M-054 Imp Robo Boss
M-055 Mask
M-056 Gargoyle
M-057 Vampire
M-058 Werebat
M-059 Rock Slug
M-060 Mole
M-061 Mamon
M-062 Mousse
M-063 Toad
M-064 Demon
M-065 Dark Titan
M-066 Holy Dragon
M-067 Mist Dragon
M-068 Vulture
M-069 Worm
M-070 Elephant
M-071 Butcher
M-072 Doom
M-073 Cactaur
M-074 Grenade
M-075 Iceman
M-076 Malboro Ghoul
M-077 Lamia Queen
M-078 Tonberry
M-079 Thief
M-080 Lich
M-081 Giant Bat
M-082 Garden Slug
M-083 Kobold
M-084 Gremlin
M-085 Badger
M-086 Wood Eyes
M-087 Poison Toad
M-088 Balrog
M-089 Drum Roller
M-090 Grim Titan
M-091 Dark Bahamut
M-092 Shadow Dragon
M-093 King Behemoth
M-094 Condor
M-095 Blood Worm
M-096 Berserk Ogre
M-097 Imp Robo #55
M-098 Mammoth
M-099 Golem
M-100 Hill Gigas
M-101 Mudman
M-102 Flying Eye
M-103 Ghoul
M-104 Evil Behemoth
M-105 Ultros
M-106 Stone Mask
M-107 Mini Druid
M-108 Spriggan
M-109 Black Goblin
M-110 Crazy Cactus
M-111 Black Wizard
M-112 Napalm
M-113 Great Malboro
M-114 Lamadonna
M-115 Triton
M-116 Summoner Hag
M-117 Needle Master
M-118 Doom Mask
M-119 Doomwing
M-120 Tonberry Sr.
M-121 Mini Wizard
M-122 Burglar
M-123 Doom Knight
M-124 Item Eater
M-125 Wizard Pot
M-126 Phantom
M-127 Huge Turtle
M-128 Demi-Lich
M-129 Steel Bat
M-130 Buz
M-131 Slimy Slug
M-132 Baby Gremlin
M-133 Jet Mole
M-134 Mandrad
M-135 Metal Hitman
M-136 Giant Toad
M-137 Giant Rat
M-138 Pharaoh Mummy
M-139 Komega
M-140 Mephis
M-141 Grim Roller
M-142 Blood Titan
M-143 Red Dragon
M-144 Spirit Dragon
M-145 Kraken
M-146 Cokatolis
M-147 Poison Worm
M-148 Ogre Chief
M-149 Imp Robo #88
M-150 Rabid Mammoth
M-151 Iron Golem
M-152 Gigas Boss
M-153 Life Keeper
M-154 Glass Goth

Playable Chracter Cards[]

# Card
PC-01 Chocobo
PC-02 Chocobo
PC-03 Chocobo
PC-04 Chocobo
PC-05 Chocobo
PC-06 Chocobo
PC-07 Chocobo (Santa Version)

Support Cards[]

# Card
S-001 Valkyrie
S-002 Golem
S-003 Cid
S-004 Shirma
S-005 Chubby Chocobo
S-006 Bahamut
S-007 Behemoth
S-008 Moogle
S-009 Black Mage
S-010 Invalid Magic
S-011 Warp
S-012 Magic Power-Up Warp
S-013 Call Monster
S-014 Bomb
S-015 Hidden Passage
S-016 No Items
S-017 Treasure Chest
S-018 Damaged Items
S-019 Postroad
S-020 Door
S-021 Curse
S-022 Damage To The Entire Claw
S-023 Disable Support
S-024 Cid
S-025 Behemoth
S-026 Moogle
S-027 Heal Warp
S-028 Random Enemy
S-029 Item Whistle
S-030 Monster Power Up
S-031 Shirma
S-032 Chubby Chocobo
S-033 Level Up!
S-034 No Monsters!
S-035 A Little Break
S-036 Dangerous Dungeon
S-037 Co-operation Of The Chroma
S-038 Heavy Lifting Golem
S-039 Moving Flying Boat
S-040 Support Of Bahamut
S-041 Magic Is Activated