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Chocobo Bill, also known as Choco Bill, is a non-player character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He has a minor role in Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He runs the Chocobo Farm with his grandchildren Chocobo Billy and Chloe, renting out chocobos for manual labor and racing,[1] and informing those passing through the marshes of the danger posed by Midgar Zolom.[2]

In Final Fantasy VII, Bill provided Cloud Strife's party with chocobos as they pursued Sephiroth. He also educated them on chocobo breeding.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

Bill lost his son and spouse, raised his grandchildren, turned to money-making, and opened the Chocobo Farm.[1]

Original continuity[]

When Cloud's party stopped at the Chocobo Farm in "Going After Sephiroth", Bill advised buying chocobos to easily traverse the dangerous marshes, warned them about Midgar Zolom, that Sephiroth was headed there, and directed them to Billy in the stable. He later offered them a place to stay for a price.[3]

After Sephiroth summoned Meteor in "Turmoil", Bill was troubled by the state of the world, suggested Cloud's party raise and breed chocobos for their well-being, and offered rentable stables. He expressed interest in meeting the rumored Chocobo Sage, impressed by his chocobo-raising skills. Bill assured the party that chocobos were easy to care for, urged them to entrust the task to the farm, and provided an overview of chocobo breeding.[4]

Remake continuity[]

In the "Covert Ops" epilogue of "Episode INTERmission", Bill picked up Cloud's hitchhiking party outside Midgar. A bump in the road led to an apologetic Tifa Lockhart accidentally knocking into an amused Bill, who insisted she need not apologize. He later dropped them off near Kalm.[5]

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Bill is an elderly man with an average build. He has tan skin, grayish-blue eyes, wild and somewhat spiky gray hair, thick sideburns, and a forked beard. In Final Fantasy VII, he wears a red bandana, black goggles, a brown vest over a white collared shirt, dark brown gloves, dark brown pants with a leg rolled up, high beige socks, and brown shoes. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Bill's outfit is mostly the same, but he wears rolled up black jeans, dark brown boots, a black leather tool belt, and a whip on his hip.


Bill is good-natured and talkative. He cares for his grandchildren, shows concern for those passing through the marshes,[2] and is fond and knowledgeable about chocobos. The loss of his son and spouse led to him becoming a businessman. He has the habit of giving kind advice and turning it into a business negotiation, always on the lookout for a quick way to make profit.[3][4][1]



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