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Chobi is a chocobo encountered by Yu and Ai on their first trip into one of the Inner Worlds. Chobi acts as the comic relief for the first portion of Final Fantasy: Unlimited, but later becomes more integral after gaining his Ciel Transformation power.


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Chobi grew up under the care of Chocobaba, and came in contact with Cid at some point in his life. This is evident by the watch worn as a collar when he is first seen, until he gains his Ciel powers. Some time after this, Chobi met with Oscha, who placed a tracking device within the watch, to allow the other Lords of Gaudium to follow Ai and Yu.

Chobi is first seen at the children's first stop, where he initially flees after grasping Ai's hair. He is later seen again by the side of Chocobaba, where he assists the twins after they are surrounded by Fungus's monsters. Though he flees after taking down a single creature, he later returns after Yu finds a hair clip that allows him to communicate with Chobi.

Chobi has little plot relevance until the group meets Chocoimo, an elderly woman that cares for a herd of chocobos, like her sister Chocobaba. When they leave for the subway, Chobi remains behind to be with his fellow chocobos. While he is with the herd, they stop to rest by the ruins of a shrine dedicated to the Legendary Ciel chocobo. Finding an imprint in the base of the ruins, which his claw fits perfectly, the powers are passed on to him, giving him the gift of flight.

After this event, he returns to Yu and the others, and hence lends his powers to them on many occasions, assisting them in many dangerous situations.

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Chobi as the Legendary Ciel.

As the reincarnation of the Legendary Ciel, Chobi has inherited the Ciel's flight abilities, which activates in the force of armor with a pair of wings which afford him flight, unlike his fellow chocobos.

Nothing more is known of the Legendary Ciel, other than the original was never beaten in a race.

Creation and development[]


Chobi is voiced by Akiko Yajima in the Japanese version and by Samantha Inoue-Harte in the English version. He shares his Japanese voice actress with Earl Tyrant from Final Fantasy: Unlimited and Ayame from Bravely Second: End Layer.