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Chloe, also Chole, is a non-player character in the Final Fantasy VII series. She has a minor role in Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. She helps her grandfather Chocobo Bill run the Chocobo Farm alongside her older brother Chocobo Billy. Chloe operates a shop on the farm, has an outstanding eye for determining chocobos' abilities,[1] and worries about her grandfather and brother always trying to turn a profit.[2]

In Final Fantasy VII, Chloe records the Chocobo Sage's advice to Cloud Strife's party, assesses their chocobos' abilities, and helps them with chocobo breeding. In Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, she manages the Chocobo Medal Exchange, where medals collected from Expeditions can be turned in for chocobos to send on further Expeditions.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

Chloe and Billy lost their parents at a young age and were raised by their grandfather. She eventually started working on the farm as a shopkeeper and was good at assessing chocobos' abilities.[3][1][2]

Original continuity[]

Chloe welcomed Cloud's party to the Chocobo Farm's stables during their visit in "Going After Sephiroth". She was shocked when the party purchased the expensive Chocobo Lure, pleaded with them not to be mad at her brother and grandfather, and said the two have been solely focused on making money since her parents died.[3]

Chloe shared facts about scratching white chocobos to Cloud's party upon their return to the farm during "Turmoil". She asked about the Chocobo Sage, was amazed they met him, and noted all the wisdom he imparted to them. Chloe also assessed the party's chocobos' abilities and assisted with chocobo breeding.[4]

Remake continuity[]

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Chloe is a young girl with an average figure. She has lightly tan skin, grayish-blue eyes, and long brown hair tied in a ponytail.[note 1] Chloe wears a dark red coat dress with dark brown trim, white accents, and light gray buttons, a black undershirt,[note 2] a turquoise pendant,[note 3] white ankle socks, and dark brown shoes.


Chloe is warm, kindhearted, and polite. While close to her brother and grandfather, she is concerned about their fixation on making money.[3][2] Similar to her grandfather, she is knowledgeable about chocobos and business-savvy, grateful for any patronage.[4]

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"Chloe" is a name of Greek origin meaning "green shoot", referring to new plant growth.


  1. Her hair was red in Final Fantasy VII.
  2. Her undershirt was purple in Final Fantasy VII.
  3. Her pendant was emerald in Final Fantasy VII.



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