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Chill symbols are symbols in World of Final Fantasy that indicate spots in dungeons where ice can be used on the field to freeze water or cool lava. Chill symbols are identified by a glowing square symbol with an ice crystal superimposed over it, and interacting with it requires a Mirage with the Chill ability unlocked, and be present in Lann and Reynn's party.

A Chill symbol appears when the player approaches certain spots where a passageway across water or lava is needed. If a Mirage with the Chill ability is present, it appears at the spot, freezes it, then returns back to the player. Chill symbols disappear once a passageway is created.

Locations[edit | edit source]

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Dungeon Area Location
Valley Seven Cauldron 1
Cauldron 3
The Windswept Mire Fen 2
Fen 3
EX Dungeon C Area 4

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