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The Chief is a non-player character from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. He is the ruler of Invidia and the Dragoniers and wishes to conquer the world.



The Chief has short light blond hair and beard and light green eyes. He wears a long-sleeved blue shirt, brown gloves, long brown pants, and brown boots. He wears a large brown fur hat.


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The Chief is the father of Rolan the hero and a daughter, Rekoteh. He meets Brandt and Jusqua after the two chase the Sorcerer through the Ice Caverns leading to town. Although he questions his decision to send Rolan to Spelvia, he and the other Dragoniers are still hoping that Rolan will conquer the world so they can rule it. When the party fails to hatch the dragon egg with conventional means, the Chief gives them the Master Key so they can enter the Invidia Underground and retrieve the Dragon's Harp.

When the party is sent back in time, they find that the Chief had banished Rekoteh from the house until she could find the Dragon's Mark (paradoxically, the Mark could only be found inside the house as it was also located in the Underground) and laments that she is not as strong as Rolan. He proclaims that Invidia will become the master of the world one day and that the Invidians must guard themselves against the cold until then. After the party recovers the Mark he allows Rekoteh back in, although he is surprised to learn that they have a Magic Key (not knowing, of course, that his future self gave it to them). Rekoteh tells the party that the endless winter froze his heart, so they go to the Sun Temple and defeat Mammon, the demon who cast the winter spell.

After Mammon's defeat, the Chief apologizes to Rekoteh for treating her so coldly and looks forward to the coming of spring. He promises to visit Rolan with her and gives the party the Armor of Light in thanks.

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