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The Chicken status in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Chicken (チキン, Chikin? or ニワトリ, Niwatori?, lit. Chicken) is a recurring status effect in the series.


Final Fantasy XIV[]

Chicken status icon.
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Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Chicken is a status effect that occurs when a character's Bravery is below 10. The character literally turns into a chicken, and runs away from all units, each turn restores its Bravery by 1. The status is removed when the Bravery stat is above 10. Characters attacking a chicken will receive a Physical Attack bonus (new PA = [PA * 3/2]).

Weapon attacks that normally have a vertical 3 tolerance when attacking from above will only have a vertical 2 tolerance if the target is a Chicken. Three ways to achieve this status are the Orator's Intimidate which lowers a unit's Bravery by 20 with high success rate, Beowulf's Spellblade ability, Chicken which lowers a unit's Bravery stat by 50 and the Mystic's ability, Trepidation which lowers Bravery of one target by 30 and can be calculated. While some enemies are immune to Chicken status, immunity only prevents the unit from transforming into a chicken but the Bravery may still drop below 10, weakening the chance for executing their Reaction Ability.


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