Create an orb of materialized chi that deals damage on contact.


Chi Trap is an ATB ability for Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Remake, provided by the Mythril Claws Mythril Claws. Tifa launches a floating orb of materialized chi from her arm, which remains in place, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Obtained[edit | edit source]

Chi Trap is provided by Mythril Claws, and is permanently learned by using the ability to strike enemies, until Mythril Claws' proficiency is full.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Chi Trap, once placed, attacks in ten hits, with an attack power of 30 for each hit. Each hit also has a stagger rate of 1 and a pressure rate of 2.

Use[edit | edit source]

Chi Trap launches an orb that floats in place dealing sustained damage over time to enemies within its proximity. It can be used to damage a pack of enemies clustered together, or to supplement her existing damage to a nearby enemy. Unlike most of Tifa's abilities, Chi Trap is based more on taking advantage of space and positioning than it is on bursting down an enemy.

One possible use for Chi Trap is as an aerial juggle in conjunction with Omnistrike and Deadly Dodge. Omnistrike will knock smaller opponents into the air, and following it immediately with Chi Trap will have them land on the orb, where they will bounce helplessly taking damage. Tifa can then dodge cancel out of the recovery period from Chi Trap, with Deadly Dodge allowing her to immediately segue into another combo on the trapped opponent. It is more useful on slow-moving enemies, or right after staggering an enemy before laying on them with her Triangle attacks to raise the stagger %. Placing a Chi Trap on a pressured enemy is the best way to fill their stagger gauge if all hits connect.

Chi Trap's biggest drawback is that the orb is stationary, and will not follow enemies around. Against an enemy more locked into place, Tifa can create multiple orbs on an enemy at once too quickly build up stagger and pressure against an enemy. Chi Trap can be used either while Tifa is being built more towards magical damage, with a higher Magic Attack Magic Attack attribute provided by a weapon such as Mythril Claws, or simply against enemies immune to physical damage. In most cases, when Tifa is built towards melee damage, it is a niche ability that is not core to her moveset.

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