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Cherry Checkpoint.

A famed cherry blossom area south of the capital. At one time it was a premiere lodging area, but after the main mode of transportation shifted to trains, it has mostly served as a meeting place for the elderly, who go there to look back on simpler times.

In-game description

The Cherry Checkpoint (桜の関所, Sakura no Sekisho?) is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It serves as a rest point between the Grassland Station, the Chocobo Circuit, and Victory Monument Hill. The rest point is a grove of tall pink cherry blossom trees with wooden platforms and benches, making the area resemble a park.

The place is popular for the pink petals that fall from the trees, as the petals are said to be charming gifts to win the heart of a special someone, according to a local called Margret, who inspires visitors to try and collect them.


Would you care for a snack, kupo?

There is a Moogle Shop, called Rainbow Winery, near the center of the area. It sells Four-Leaf Clovers, Tasty Tidbits and Tin cans.

Miasma Streams[]

Cherry Checkpoint has two campaigns. Campaign I has the player fighting Flan—which split into Lil' Flan if the player tries to pull on it—and Roller Bugs.

  • Flan x3
  • Roller Bug x4

Cherry Checkpoint Campaign II replaces Flans with a single Armor Flan.

During the Miasma Streams, the player can make use of garbage bins, benches, a Crystal Guitar to torment the monsters, a Camera to confuse them with a flash, a wine barrel, a beehive, some wood and parts of a picnic (such as a lunch box that will release a heart when destroyed).


There is a minigame in Cherry Checkpoint that involves the player catching cherry blossom petals before they touch the ground within a time limit. It can be triggered by targeting a shining petal as it falls.

The prizes received depend on how many petals the player has gathered:

  • If Layle caught 0 - 2 petals, Margret's notice will claim he can attract girls, and will receive a Moogle Doll.
  • If Layle caught 3 - 5 petals, Margret's notice will say he can attract older women, and the prize is a Metal Lighter.
  • If Layle caught 6 - 8 petals, Margret will say he can attract even guys, and the prize is a Designer Dart.
  • If Layle caught 9 - 11 petals, Margret's notice will claim his charms may even affect the local wildlife, and he will earn a Stuffed Specimen.
  • If Layle caught 12+ petals, Margret will say he can attract younger people, and will give him a Capsule Toy.

After these notices are received, Layle will attract the respective group mentioned in Margret's notice: from Lilty women, to older Lilty women, to Clavat men, to cats to Lilty children. This effect only works while in the Cherry Checkpoint.

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