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Cherie, also known as Sherry, is an enemy in Final Fantasy V, and frequently appears alongside Parthenope and Lemure in the Phoenix Tower.

Her arsenal includes Dancehall Daze, which puts a target to sleep, and Danse Macabre, which turns one target into a Zombie and will be used to counter normal attacks. Cherie will unleash a host of Blue Magic spells against the party, including Lilliputian Lyric, which causes Mini, Time Slip, which causes Old and Sleep, and Aeroga, which deals heavy Wind-elemental damage. These spells may be learned by the player if not already acquired.

It is possible to steal two exceptional accessories from this foe, the Red Shoes and Elven Mantle, and her rare drop is a piece of equipment that replicates the Haste spell.


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Etymology Edit

Chérie is a French word, the feminine equivalent of chéri. It is a noun that means dear, darling, honey, or sweetheart.

Trivia Edit

  • The attack Danse Macabre is named after the popular Late Medieval motif of Danse Macabre, depicting those already dead, or Death himself, dancing with living people of all walks of life to lead them to the grave. Popular depictions include a mix of royalty, children, religious leaders, and commoners to symbolize the universality of death and the possibility of death at any time.
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