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Arr, them mountain beasts have been coming down to the lowlands of late, and one took a bite out of me!


Cheney is one of six special recruits in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. As an NPC he posts the missions "#165 Hundred-Eye" and "#52 Friend Trouble".


Cheney has a 1-in-5 chance of joining the clan after completion of a mission where the Snake Shield is equipped. The Snake Shield is a reward for "#165 Hundred-Eye", which is a mission posted by Cheney himself, and which itself is unlocked after "#015 Scouring Time" and "#126 Wine Delivery".


Like all secret characters, Cheney joins four levels above the clan average. Cheney is recruited as a Hunter, and has two abilities already mastered: Capture and Ultima Shot, among the Hunter's most valuable prospects. For any player desiring a monster capturer and ranged fighter, Cheney is the ideal Hunter. Cheney removes the need to master the class requirements and Capture, and even if the player has a Hunter on the team already, having more than one will drastically improve the process of capturing monsters.

Cheney is no slouch in ranged combat with strong greatbows and Ultima Shot. Using greatbows, Cheney can use physical abilities from other classes well, exploiting their weapon-dependent range. As Cheney joins at a level higher than most, becoming a mage can be difficult for him. The MP for his class is average, meaning that Cheney will generally only be able to use Ultima Shot a limited number of times.


Hunting command. Use your hunting skills to fight.

Skill Effect MP Use
Capture Attempt to capture a monster. Captured monsters are added to the Monster Bank in Cyril.
Ultima Shot Triple damage attack. 60