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Dissidia Final Fantasy, Chemist Lore

The Chemist (薬師, Yakushi?, lit. Dispenser or アイテム士, Aitemushi?, lit. Item User), also known as an Alchemist (錬金術士, Renkinjyutsushi? or 精錬術士, Seirenjyutsushi?, lit. Refining Technician) or Salve-Maker, is a job that appears in various games in the series. Chemists are often characterized as wearing yellow robes.

Their main weapons are daggers, guns, and rods. They are best known for their abilities involving various items. Usually, this involves having an exclusive access to special items, doubling the potency of recovery items, and most importantly, their unique ability Mix allows them to combine two items into one. They also can heal party members for free.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy V[edit | edit source]

The Chemist job is a class obtained from the Earth Crystal. It specializes in recovery actions and the unique ability to mix items together to create special kinds of support and offensive moves.

Final Fantasy X[edit | edit source]

While there is no official job system, Rikku has many traditional abilities of a Chemist: she can Use various items in battle, and her Overdrive Mix lets her combine two items to powerful effect.

Final Fantasy X-2[edit | edit source]

The Alchemist dressphere is obtainable at the Chocobo Ranch any time during Chapter 2 and onwards. Chemist can increase the potency of recovery items and can also mix items together to create special attacks. With the Stash command, the Alchemist can use items without expending them from the party inventory.

Final Fantasy XIV[edit | edit source]

The Alchemist is a Discipline of the Hand.

Final Fantasy Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Chemist is a job that is available by default. It is the only job that is able to use items initially, and all magic-based jobs stem from the Chemist. Aerith is listed has having the Chemist job, despite not being a playable character. She even wears a similar headdress of the female Chemist.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[edit | edit source]

Alchemist is a job for the nu mou. Alchemists focus on the offense, working to alter the composition of the opponent (Ex: Toad and Poison) or the environment (Ex. Meteor and Flare). Combining the alchemist abilities with White Mage abilities makes for a versatile unit.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[edit | edit source]

Alchemist is a job usable by the nu mou. Alchemists feature astounding stat growth in both Magick and Resistance (which is highest of nu mou's job) without the loss of too much HP.

The Alchemy moveset is mainly supportive, as only Protometeor, which deals non-elemental damage in a five-tile area, serves as a reliable source of damage. Flare is also a reliable spell, but requires two turns to cast (without Halve MP or the MP Efficiency/MP Channeling clan privileges).

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[edit | edit source]

FFT4HoL Alchemist Icon.png

The Alchemist job allows the character to create items, combine items, and deal more damage with attack items in battle.

FFT4HoL Salve-maker Icon.png

The Salve-Maker job allows the character to heal all party members with the same item, use items without consuming them, and reverse the effects of healing items.

Bravely Default[edit | edit source]

The Salve-Maker is an optional job obtained after defeating Qada in Starkfort.

The Salve-Maker focuses primarily on the use of items for attack, defense, and support. The Salve Maker's signature ability is Compounding, which allows the Salve-Maker to combine two items for unique effects. However, they also have other abilities which increase the power of their items, allow for instant item use, or inflict damage on the enemy. The items they use can be obtained as enemy drops or from Norende once the player has constructed the appropriate shop.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

In the Duel Colosseum, when selected, the Chemist job card will protect the player from status card effects, nullifying these and preventing them from appearing in the selection area.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

The Chemist job card appears in the Labyrinth mode, and protects the player from status card effects, nullifying these and preventing them from appearing in the selection area.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

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Final Fantasy Artniks[edit | edit source]

The Chemist appears as a character card.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

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Final Fantasy Explorers[edit | edit source]

Alchemist is a job unlocked in the 3★ Quest, "Aptitude Exam: Geomancer, Alchemist". The Alchemist can equip tomes and firearms initially, and staves, artillery and dual firearms after mastery. The Alchemist is an effective booster/healer and is capable of dealing damage.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[edit | edit source]

The Chemist job appears with Ice- and Water-elemental cards.

Triple Triad[edit | edit source]

349a Chemist.png

A male Chemist from Final Fantasy Tactic]: The War of the Lions appears on a Triple Triad card in Final Fantasy Portal App.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[edit | edit source]

Knights of the Crystals[edit | edit source]

The Alchemist appears on a bronze card and Chemist appears on a silver card.

Allusions[edit | edit source]

The Transmuter job was intended to appear in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for the nu mou. It would have mixed varying items for different effects. Due to the extensive amount of time required to test every ability, it was scrapped at the last moment. The Transmuter sprite can still be seen in auction houses and the Luck-Stick seller also resembles a nu mou with this job.

While Final Fantasy XI has no Chemist job available to players, the Trust Magic NPC Monberaux uses many recovery items and traditional Chemist mixes (as well as a few new ones).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

A chemist is a scientist trained in the study of chemistry. Chemists study the composition of matter and its properties. The Japanese term kusuri-shi is literally "drug practitioner/technician," close to the common British English use of "chemist" to mean a compounding pharmacist.

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