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Cheer is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy X-2: International and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster. The player uses Cheer to influence party member-type fiends' AI, as well as boosting or decreasing the strength of their attacks.


Cheer Gauge

Cheer is an effective way to raise the power of allied fiends. However, it can also be used to make a monster flee from battle, as well as decrease their power. To boost the power of a fiend present in battle, press R3. To decrease or have a fiend escape the battlefield, if that option is possible, L3 should be pressed. The number of times needed for L3 to be pressed for the monster to escape depends on the number of stars, i.e. if there are 5 stars present, L3 must be pressed 5 times.


Sometimes an enemy can be Bribed by the Lady Luck dressphere or have desirable items that Thieves can either Steal or Mug from them. However, since this game utilizes an active time battle system, enemies might be defeated before the thievery/bribe attempt is successful due to the allied fiend being too powerful.

Acquired fiends may also equip the Thief dressphere, and can steal items as well, making this strategy redundant unless the player finds more suitable alternatives for the fiend in question (e.g., instead of having a Gold Elemental mug items via the Thief dressphere, it would be preferable to other players to add the Black Mage dressphere to increase their power over Lightning magic).

Since allied fiends cannot be controlled directly, pressing L3 can decrease their strength to theoretically prolong the battle, allowing for more attempts to either bribe or steal. If all else fails, the fiend can be dismissed if it is too powerful for a bribery or theft attempt to even occur.

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