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This ghastly monster seeks to suck up everything in its path. Its defenses are rock-solid while its eye is closed. But when it opens, watch for its <Energy Burst>, which does major damage at all its foes.


Chaugmar is a boss in Bravely Default. It must be defeated to awaken the Fire Crystal.

Stats Edit



Battle Edit

Chaugmar has two forms, one with a physical and magic defense that is essentially impregnable, and one with a slightly higher physical attack. It will switch between these forms using Transform. The defensive form is capable of using Heart Suck to draw 2 BP from a target and lasts 3 turns, and both forms will use this BP by using Brave to Blood Suck twice, recovering HP equal to the damage dealt. The offensive form has access to the very dangerous Energy Burst attack, which will do thousands of damage to each party member.

Strategy Edit

While Chaugmar's Shield is up, the Monk's Pressure Point ignores the shield to easily do maximum damage with little risk of retaliation and can defeat it before it even lowers the shield to go offensive.

When Chaugmar's shield is down, the Ranger's Demon Slayer and the Spell Fencer's Lightning-elemental buffs to physical attacks will deal heavy damage. Once the shield drops, Chaugmar will use Energy Burst on the following turn, so Defaulting or setting up defensive effects right after the shield drops is highly recommended.

Attack items deal full damage to Chaugmar even while its shield is up, making this a good opportunity to use the Salve-Maker asterisk. Utilizing Attack Item Amp, the player can make the most of Pantheon's Wrath, as well as use Compounding with two Fulmen Shards for the same effect.

Etymology Edit

Chaugnar faugn was created by Frank Belknap Long and first appeared in his novel The Horror from the Hills (1931). Chaugnar Faugn (or Chaugnar Faughn) appears as a horribly grotesque idol, made of an unknown element, combining the worst aspects of octopus, elephant, and human being. When Chaugnar Faugn hungers, he can move incredibly quickly for his size, and use his lamprey-like "trunk" to drain the blood from any organism he encounters.

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