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Charybterix is an avion/diver-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found on the Cerobi Steppe. It is the best source of Wind Crystals and have the Chaos Mace as a rare steal.

Bestiary entry[]

Page 1: Observations[]

Being a strain of diver favoring clement, hilly areas. Often seen catching the updrafts that blow in from the Naldoan Sea. Their splendidly colored wings are quite distinctive, and coveted for use in the making of many objects, both practical and ornamental. The flight pinions in particular fetch a good price at market.

Page 2: The Ways of War[]

Though the armor you wear may be dented and split, listen well before you discard it on the corpse-piles of your foemen! Should it shill have the form, even if not the function, of a suit of armor, there are many who would buy it in the market. Though there are few who know this, it is the framework of the armor that decides its worth, not the condition of each plate or fitting. So if you find yourself in the possession of a suit of split armor, should it be armor of good crafting, then it shall surely find new life at the hands of an armorer skilled in repair.



Charybterix is a flying creature, meaning that the party can only attack it with ranged weapons (poles/spears also work in Zodiac versions), magick, or Technicks and attack items. At low HP it can use Kamikaze to self-destruct. It may even use it as soon as it sees the player.


The player can use Break or Countdown and it will be defeated within seconds. Using a Bacchus's Wine on it as soon as it becomes visible prevents it from using Kamikaze.


The Japanese name Galypdes came from an enemy of Final Fantasy VI. The English name may be based in Charybdis, which in Greek mythology is a sea monster.

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