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Chariots are one type of Archaic Machinery that appears in the Ruins of Alzadaal. As their name implies, these machines vaguely resemble the animal-drawn two-wheeled transport vehicle of the same name, except that these are autonomous.

Notorious Monsters[]

Concept art of a chariot.

  • Archaic Chariot
  • Armored Chariot
  • Assailer Chariot
  • Battleclad Chariot
  • Battledressed Chariot
  • Battlerigged Chariot
  • Edifier
  • Impervious Chariot
  • Long-Armed Chariot
  • Long-Barreled Chariot
  • Long-Bowed Chariot
  • Long-Gunned Chariot
  • Long-Horned Chariot
  • Pandemonium Warden (Alternate Form)
  • Racing Chariot
  • Ravager Chariot
  • Rencounter Chariot
  • Shielded Chariot

Special Attacks[]

Concept art of a chariot.

  • Brainjack: Single target Charm plus DoT (around 25 HP per tick) for 90 seconds (Certain NMs only)
  • Diffusion Ray: Cone Attack Breath Attack damage.
  • Discharge: AoE Lightning damage and Paralyze.
  • Discoid: Magic-damage Cone Attack. Damage is split evenly between valid targets like 1,000 Needles. (Certain NMs only)
  • Homing Missile: AoE hate reset and 90% damage. Only used when target is directly in front of the Chariot. (Certain NMs only)
  • Inertia Stream: AoE damage and Bind.
  • Mortal Revolution: AoE physical damage + Knockback + Stun. Blinkable with 1-3 shadows. (Certain NMs only)