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Sickness must be purged!
—Ser Charibert

Ser Charibert de Leusignac is a character in Final Fantasy XIV best known for his ruthless persecution of heretics and his brutal interrogations, which often end in the conviction and execution of the accused. As such, Ser Charibert─not unlike Ser Grinnaux─is an unusual addition to the Heavens' Ward. He is a known sadist.

Chribert lost his parents as a child in a fire. He spent his childhood and adolescence in a priest's orphanage in the Brume where he whiled after hours learning how to read and write, immersing himself in holy scripture and governance under the Articles of Halonic Polity. He was particularly interested in the arcane elements of scripture, having discovered as a child his own latent talents for conjuring flames.

When he came of age, his former teacher provided him with an official recommendation to enter the Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine. Coincidentally, at roughly the same time, his childhood orphanage was gutted by a fire of unknown origin. The inherent grace with which the thirty-three year old knight wielded magic (a skill likely perfected during his extended sessions with his prisoners) was unparalleled, and it was for this talent that he was inducted into the archbishop's personal guard.

He is a recurring boss in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. His first encounter in a solo instance battle is during the quest "Fire and Blood", and latter reprises as the final boss of The Vault. Finally, he appears in The Singularity Reactor.

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