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Sickness is wont to fester and spread. It must be burned out ere the infection takes hold.

Ser Charibert

Ser Charibert de Leusignac is a character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is a member of Heavens' Ward and the First Inquisitor of the Holy See of Ishgard.


Early life[]

Charibert lost his parents as a child in a fire. He spent his childhood and adolescence in a priest's orphanage in the Brume where he learned how to read and write, immersing himself in holy scripture and governance under the Articles of Halonic Polity. He was particularly interested in the arcane elements of scripture, having discovered his own latent talents for conjuring flames. This talent grew into an appreciation and love for arcane fire.

When he came of age, his former teacher recommended him for the Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine. At roughly the same time, his childhood orphanage was gutted by a fire of unknown origin. The inherent grace with which the thirty-three-year-old knight wielded magic (a skill perfected during his extended sessions with his prisoners) was unparalleled, and he was inducted into the archbishop's personal guard.[2]

Ser Charibert served as the First Inquisitor, and oversaw the practices and methods of other inquisitors, such as Cyr Blyme. Before Zephirin de Valhourdin's induction, the position of Very Reverened Archimandrite was upheld by Ser Vaindreau de Rouchemarde, who discovered the archbishop's plan to summon King Thordan as a primal. The archbishop tasked Charibert with "dealing" with the Archimandrite, to which Charibert responded by killing him in late night combat, leaving nothing but ash where he once stood.[3]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Ser Charibert was met in the Forgotten Knight of Ishgard, entering the tavern after the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud Leveilleur met with Hilda Ware. He accused the Scions and the "rats" among them of plotting insurrection against Ishgard. After Hilda opened gunfire on him, he demanded they meet with him outside, before her "toys" hurt someone. There, he engaged with the Warrior of Light before their fight was interrupted by Lucia Junius as they were in front of the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly. Before Lucia could strike Charibert down, he escaped to the rooftops of Foundation, giving them a taunting bow as he vanished.

He was later met in the Vault, where he attempted to halt the Warrior of Light's pursuit of archbishop Thordan VII and rescue of Aymeric de Borel by transforming into a powerful mage, growing in size and summoning both Black and White Knight contraptions to run them down and bathe the rooftops in holy fire. He was defeated, and after Ser Zephirin murdered Haurchefant Greystone, he escaped with the archbishop and his knights.

Ser Charibert, alongside his fellow Heavens' Ward, joined Thordan VII in the Singularity Reactor, after the Warrior of Light defeated both Lahabrea and Igeyorhm. The knights transformed into the Knights of the Round and assisted King Thordan in combat against the Warrior of Light. Upon defeat, Charibert and the other knights fell to the ground, and are encompassed in a swell of aetheric light.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

A man who had been recovering in Saint Vaindreau's Grace, a civilian hospital in the Firmament, succumbed to the corruption of dynamis between his aether, triggered by the coming Final Days.[4] The man, naming himself "Vaindreau", was an Allagan cloned body found within Azys Lla meant to be used to resummon King Thordan, but instead the souls of the Heavens' Ward awakened inside it. He claimed to be a member of the Heavens' Ward, though he could not remember exactly which soul in his thoughts was meant to be his. The hospital ward Loverick informed 'Vaindreau' of the death of the Heavens' Ward and Thordan VII, who felt his purpose and place in the world null with no archbishop to protect. With their souls still tempered, Vaindreau escaped the hospital, wandering into the streets of Ishgard. He was noticed by Erenville right before his transformation into the blasphemy Profane Fafnir.

As the blasphemy, the souls of the Ward flew low over Ishgard, near the rooftops of the Vault, taking refuge near the crashed airship they had used to previously flee Azys Lla, the personal airship of Thordan VII before his death. Aymeric summoned Profane Fafnir to the Vault's summit, who used the archbishop's coronet to call forth "his knights". Aymeric, Artoirel de Fortemps, and the Warrior of Light fought the blasphemy to lay the memory and souls of Charibert and his fellow knights to rest.



Charibert is a Wildwood Elezen with dark blond hair tied up and sharp golden eyes. He wears a light gray lipstick and the Ward's Mage attire, a Halonic alb in the white and blue colors of his order, with its insignia on his robes. Across his right cheek is a scar, inflicted on him during his fight with the former Archimandrite of the Heavens' Ward, Ser Vaindreau.[3] In battle he wields the Widowbreaker, a thaumaturge's staff made of steel and silver, with a blue accent and a spiked staff head.


Ser Charibert is best known for his ruthless persecution of heretics and his brutal interrogations, which often end in the conviction and execution of the accused. He is a sadist, and takes joy in interrogating the guilty and innocent alike, coming up with new means of torture, such as using Black Knights[5] and White Knights[5] contraptions. As such, Ser Charibert─not unlike Ser Grinnaux─is an unusual addition to the Heavens' Ward, who are otherwise known as pious and holy men. His elegance in battle and use of magic has given him renown as a fierce battle mage.

Charibert speaks in a flamboyant way in the Japanese version, using okama slang and narration. In English, this is depicted as sarcastic and condescending pleasantry instead.

His weapon, Widowbreaker, is named for his methods of "breaking" heretics —where a second-rate Inquisitor would capture the heretic, and a first-rate Inquisitor would kill the heretic and leave his wife a widow, an Inquisitor beyond compare would kill the heretic and his wife, so that one less lovelorn widow would be left in the world.[6]


Ser Charibert is fought during the solo instance quest Fire and Blood Fire and Blood, and then is fought in primal form as the final boss in The Vault The Vault. In the confrontation with King Thordan at the The Singularity Reactor The Singularity Reactor and in The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign, Charibert is summoned at various intervals.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Ser Charibert is fought as a simulacrum of memory, alongside his fellow Heavens' Ward, in the Dark Knight level 70 duty Our Compromise Our Compromise. In Endwalker, Charibert and his fellow knights' memories lay within the blasphemy Profane Fafnir, and is fought one final time in the Magical DPS level 90 duty Ever March Heavensward Ever March Heavensward.

In Endwalker, Ser Charibert is fought in Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) alongside Ser Adelphel and Ser Grinnaux, and later summoned by King Thordan at various intervals.

A legendary fish caught in the Coerthas Western Highlands is named after Charibert, called Charibenet Charibenet. It earns its name due to the way it "voraciously devours its kin".

Triple Triad[]

Charibert Card
Charibert Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 103
Total stats 22
Type None
Description “Sickness is wont to fester and spread. It must be burned out ere the infection takes hold.”
Obtain Randomly obtainable upon completing The Vault The Vault



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