Rush towards an enemy and launch them into the air with a furious blow. Increases Charge.


Charging Uppercut is an ability for Barret in Final Fantasy VII Remake, provided by the Steel Pincers Steel Pincers. Barret runs towards his enemy and uppercuts them into the air; heavy enemies won't be launched, though.

Use[edit | edit source]

Charging Uppercut is a straightforward ability that has niche uses, being mostly useful to knock aggressive opponents away from the party. This ability is unique as it also reduces the cooldown of Barret's Overcharge/Overrun by 7, thus increasing the gauge significantly faster than manually pressing the Triangle button. Much like Barret's other melee-oriented abilities, it provides him with super-armor upon activation, making it hard to be interrupted by weaker attacks.

Charging Uppercut should be used sparingly due to its slow startup, which, combined with Barret's already slow movement speed, makes it situational as enemies can dodge out of the way (though they cannot easily interrupt). It can provide tremendous burst damage under the right circumstances, such as attacking a staggered enemy. Ultimately, given that Barret already has faster and more effective ways to deal damage to staggered enemies in the form of Focused Shot and Maximum Fury, it is usually better to rely on those. It is still useful when Barret has a ranged weapon equipped, particularly when interchanged with Overrun, where Charging Uppercut will increase Barret's charge while Overrun increases Barret's ATB to use Charging Uppercut again.

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