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Chapuli is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

This particular species of vermin makes its home in the Yahse Hunting Grounds and Ceizak Battlegrounds. Pay close attention to the horns protruding from their heads, for they can cut through foes cleaner than a Far Eastern katana. Their towering leaps and breakneck speed can leave even the most adroit of adventurers befuddled.

Special attacks Edit

  • Nature's Meditation: Significantly increases the Chapuli's attack.
  • Sanguinary Slash: Charges target, knocking back and dealing physical damage. Inflicts Max HP Down.
  • Sensilla Blades
  • Tegmina Buffet: Three fold attack dealing physical damage. Inflicts Choke.

Gallery Edit


The name Chapuli comes from the Nahuatl word chapolin.

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