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The Chaos intro glitch is a harmless glitch found in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

The glitch is caused by a camera switch on the previous round with Chaos. For example, the player is in the "bird's-eye-view" camera (the camera focuses on the player) during the defeat of Chaos in the previous fight. The glitch can be executed manually by this order;

  1. The player damages Chaos until they are sure for the kill.
  2. The player switches camera modes and does not lock-on to Chaos (press the L trigger twice).
  3. The player remains in this camera mode and defeats Chaos with an HP attack.

The next round will commence, but the glitch is in effect.

Additionally, the player can use abilities which can home on, or surround, a player (e.g. Terra's Tornado, Cecil's Dark Flame or Golbez's Genesis Rock) while not locking-on to Chaos to activate this glitch on the next round.

When the glitch is in effect, during the intros for the second and third rounds of the fight, the camera angle will be the same as the first round, causing only the top of Chaos's head to be visible before panning out to show him standing motionless. His voice clip may sometimes be cut out as well. The battle will then proceed as normal.