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The Chaos Reports are a set of ten reports in Dissidia Final Fantasy. They are unlocked by beating a hero boss in Duel Colosseum with the corresponding antagonist. For example, the player defeats the Warrior of Light boss card with Garland. The boss card must be maximum strength and have the Double Judgment ruleset in effect.

The Chaos Reports have an opposite set of reports, the Cosmos Reports.


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The Chaos Reports are written from the perspective of Cid of the Lufaine, and his role in initiating the cycles of war and observing them from afar. After Cid came to World B with Cosmos and Chaos, they entered into a pact with Shinryu to create an endless cycle of war by having the two gods fight, and Shinryu would revive the fallen god. Through continuous wars, Chaos would absorb strength and grow stronger, to be used as a weapon to take revenge on the world they left behind. When Chaos and Cosmos prove to be equal in strength and their balance of power is critical to the world's sustained existence, Cid arranges for Garland to become Chaos's right-hand to aid him in the cycles. The wars continue with the two summoning warrior to fight for them, until the 13th cycle when it is brought to a close.

Unlike the Cosmos Reports, which were retained in the Reports of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy with minimal changes, the Chaos Reports were not. Much information given in them - the origins of the cycles, the Warriors of Chaos releasing the manikins to use as pawns, Cosmos fragmenting her power to create the Crystals - was retained in Dissidia 012 and given to the player in other ways.

However, the Chaos Reports also contain information that Dissidia 012 retcons or contradicts. Chaos Report #5 mentions Cid creating manikins from the fragmented consciousness of beings from other worlds, and his failures were sealed in the Interdimensional Rift. This Report also implies that at least some of the characters fighting in the wars may be manikins created by Cid. Dissidia 012 states that the manikins were created by Onrac, and while Cid did create an advanced manikin to fight in the wars, that manikin was one of a kind and the other characters in the game are actually characters from other Final Fantasy worlds. In Chaos Report #9, Cid directly states he has no regrets about his actions in beginning the cycles, while in Dissidia 012 he came to regret his actions during the 13th cycle and aided the Warriors of Cosmos in escaping World B.

List of Reports[]

Chaos Report #01[]

Who... what am I?
My name no longer holds any meaning
in this world.
Long, long ago, my entire homeland quaked
in fear of the attack of unknown destroyers.
I searched for a final salvation. At last, I
found it...the power of discord, a power that
consumes and controls all others. Intoxicated
by its potential, my homeland asked me to
strengthen it—to use it more and more.
Yet, the one bearing that power had no desire
to destroy any more than was necessary.
Frustrated, the country culled his memories
to create a new being... one of harmony
that could subdue and control discord.

Chaos Report #02[]

Even if I can create a being of harmony
to manipulate discord, I cannot recreate
the one I loved.
An irreplaceable person has been stolen
from me. Now, here in this new world,
my new goal is clear. I will use anything
I must to achieve it.
Once the homeland decided that dedicating
itself to creating the ultimate weapon was
in the country's best interests... It is long
past time to complete that task.
One might ask if there is any connection
between this decision and the loss of
my wife... To that, I say I am a scientist.
I know well the line between public and
personal matters.
...And it is drawn here.

Chaos Report #03[]

I have entered into a contract with a certain
dragon wandering through space and time.
I asked that whenever a conflict between
the gods ends, the defeated god be brought
back with new pawns to start fighting again.
In payment, I gave up my flesh. Already, it was
weak and feeble, thus its loss has been
even less of an inconvenience than I imagined.
I need discord to absorb even greater powers...
this is the way to salvation left to me.

Chaos Report #04[]

Each of the two entities overflowed with a pure,
unwavering strength. But it was precisely their
diametric nature that kept the power in check
and stabilized the world.
I decided the realms of possibility could not
be allowed to be shackled and end there.
At length, I found a certain intriguing existence...
a knight driven by hatred, trapped within the
chains of time. Discord had called to him...or
perhaps it was he who called discord to
himself. I do not know, and it does not matter.
What does it that he has accepted a destiny
of unending conflict, and that he will stand at
the right hand of discord to see it through.
With this, the eternal war finally begins.

Chaos Report #05[]

Harmony and discord are both created beings.
While observing how they acquired pawns to
fight in their conflict, I found that a great
number of the consciousnesses had drifted to
this world from other dimensions.
I wondered if I might be able to give those
consciousnesses physical form. After countless
experiments, finally my testing reached success.
The failures were dealed in the Interdimensional
Within the created pawns were some whose
faith in themselves wavered--who questioned
their very reason for living. It seemed that
existence itself was not sufficient incentive.
It causes me to wonder...Were those drifting
consciousnesses remnants created in the
past? Or spirits meant to exist into the future?
This is something no one can know.

Chaos Report #06[]

The pawns continue to fight this war, split down
the lines of harmony and discord. To my eyes,
their power is trivial.
Yet, there has been an anomaly. After one war
ended and Shinryu came to purify the world,
some pawns were reborn retaining memories
from their previous lives.
It does not seem to be limited to any one side's
followers, so long as the being in question is
wrapped in some strong emotion. Faith, regret,
fear, it does not seem to matter.
This must be some sort of omen...

Chaos Report #07[]

A pawn has appeared, willing to sacrifice
himself to further understand the truth of
this world.
Was he able to retain his memories, somehow?
Or, perhaps he found a way to escape the
world's cleansing?
While the way my people pass down memories
makes a physical body unnecessary, in truth,
there is no such thing as a permanently
physical object to begin with.
As if to illustrate this fact, the goddess of
harmony fragments her own vessel.
Perhaps this unending war to create the
ultimate weapon has already brought forth
its own demise.

Chaos Report #08[]

It seems someone has found a use for
the failed experiments I sealed into the
Interdimensional Rift.
These soulless pawns are used as tools of
war, destroying the delicate balance between
harmony and discord.
Yet the pawns of harmony choose to stand
and face this challenge, while the pawns of
discord fight on, groping towards an
understanding of the truth behind this world.
The world of a vessel is fluid, only determined
by that which fills it.
In this, the thirteenth matchup of the vessels
of the world - the god and goddess - one can
Only wonder what properties they will gain.

Chaos Report #09[]

All men are brought into the world in a flood of
tears. In the beginning, at least, all men are equal.
However, somewhere along the line, this
inevitably changes. Even pawns--while their
makeup is the same, the experiences that shape
them give them individual forms, sending them
down different paths.
The one bringing this long, long cycle of conflict
to an end is a pawn seemingly bred for war.
I was unable to achieve the power of utter
chaos. I could not complete my revenge. And
yet... I have no more regrets.
I can only wish for a peaceful future for the
world that so long ago was my home.

Chaos Report #10[]

All was born from hatred - creating this world,
dragging him to it... swearing revenge on those
who ravenously desired power - endless
experiments meant to induce a greater and
more deadly strength.
However, he - they both have taught me
something through this neverending battle...
Even the Great Will himself can be led.
What path will they follow from now on?
As a researcher, I cannot help but be intrigued.
Spoilers end here.

Behind the scenes[]

Chaos Report #03 had an error in the US release, the last line worded as "this is the the way to salvation left to me".