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Chaos Mobius

Wol standing before Chaos.

The lord general of the monstrous forces invading Palamecia. No one knows either the intent or the cause for Chaos's invasion. He only seems interested in destroying all that stands in his path. While it is prophesied that the Warrior of Light will defeat him, no one knows when this will occur, or if it will happen at all.

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Chaos (カオス, Kaosu?) is a non-player character and the main antagonist in Mobius Final Fantasy. He is based on the main villain of the original Final Fantasy, and the dualism of light and darkness, and harmony and chaos, has been a recurring theme throughout the Final Fantasy series since its inception.


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Chaos was a village noble who sought Sarah's hand in marriage. She refused, as she was in love with Cid. Chaos cut off the village water supply and Sarah relented. This was not enough for Chaos, as it was clear that she was not truly in love with him.

A figure named Voyce (Vox in human form) informed Lord Chaos of the rumors about him that had spread around Palamecia. Voyce advised that if Chaos wanted to win Lady Sarah's heart and silence the rumors, he should organize a tournament in which he would best her love interest. This would gain her favor and prove him the town's best swordsman, the person whom Sarah was rumored to love. Palamecians were allowed to create rules, called the laws of Palamecia, for the tournament.

Cid's brother Mid entered him into the tournament without his knowledge, hopeful that he can win and be granted a wish and use it to get Lord Chaos to restore the water supply. Cid's opponents were supposed to be skilled, but every one of them was defeated easily before they could land a blow on him. Mid discovered Lord Chaos had rigged the tournament to face Cid in the final round where he would kill him with Sarah watching. Chaos ordered his men to murder Mid to conceal the corruption, as well as wound Cid enough that Chaos would be guaranteed to defeat him. When Cid stepped into the arena for his final match, he was announced the victor. The official reason was that his wounds from the last match were too great for him to fight, but in reality Chaos canceled the match because Sarah, unable to bear seeing Cid killed, promised to do anything as long as Chaos doesn't kill Cid.

Rumors abounded and Chaos's reputation suffered. Sarah tried to be a diligent wife to him, but his suspicions prevented him from seeing this, and he grew to hate both her and the people. He took his anger and hatred out on both of them, and Sarah prepared to kill herself out of despair. Voyce alerted Cid and brought him to Serah. Voyce advised Cid to kill Chaos to save Sarah and the people. Cid dueled Chaos and, albeit losing an eye, killed him. His body flew over the edge of a cliff and the villagers celebrated. Unbeknownst to them, Chaos's body sank into the water in a pool of darkness and Chaos's control over it became a symbol of his power and authority, reflecting and amplifying his malice until water and Chaos were one. This is why monsters in the present time emerge from the ocean.

After Chaos's death, the village was continually attacked by monsters, said to be born of Chaos's evil soul. They were said to be Chaos's curse, but as time passed all monsters became called "Chaos," after the evil noble that had supposedly caused them to appear. Thus started the the cycle of Warriors of Light and Chaos. Because Chaos had become a part of Palamecia itself, he would continue to exist long as the world does. This means that every time Chaos is defeated, he is resurrected after a brief period of light. The land of Palamecia, desperate for hope, calls out for a hero to bring hope to its people. Cid served as the Warrior of Light, fighting Chaos and bringing hope again and again, until he chose to lay down his sword.

Palamecia was again starved of hope, and called new warriors from different worlds, without memory of who they were or where they came from, in the hopes that one of them would be become the new Warrior of Light and defeat Chaos. It created a prophecy based on Cid's story that was used to find and train the next Warrior of Light. New warriors are called from other worlds and trained whenever a new Warrior of Light is needed.


Chaos appears in the vicinity of Castle Cornelia, where several blanks give up on their prophecy to protect Princess Sarah. Wol confronts Chaos but is unable to defeat him and Chaos retreats. Chaos pursues Wol after noticing he has grown stronger, but after talking to Vox, he targets Mogheim. Wol intercepts him, but not before Chaos kills several moogles who attempted to delay him. Chaos kills Mowg as well, then summons Marilith who is defeated by Wol. Vox teleports Chaos away.

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Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


Chaos appears as a boss in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. He is first fought in the Den of Chaos (Heroic) dungeon in the Event A Heretic Waits.



Chaos refers to the void state preceding the creation of the universe in Greek creation myths, or to the initial "gap" created by the original separation of heaven and earth.

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