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So even as you die again and again, I shall return! Born again in this endless circle that I have created!


Chaos is the main antagonist and final boss of the original Final Fantasy. He is found at the deepest part of the past Chaos Shrine.


AI script[]

Action Probability
Attack 40.00%
Blizzara 10.00%
Haste 6.00%
Firaga 5.00%
Slowra 5.00%
Thundaga 5.00%
Blizzaga 5.00%
Flare 5.00%
Blaze 5.00%
Tsunami 5.00%
Cyclone 5.00%
Curaja 2.00%
Earthquake 2.00%

Prior to pixel remaster, starting from Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls on the GBA (including PSP):

Action Probability Cycle
Attack 40.00%
Magic 20.00% BlizzagaSlowraThundagaCurajaHasteFiragaBlizzaraFlare
Enemy-exclusive ability 40.00% BlazeTsunamiCycloneEarthquake

Prior to Dawn of Souls, starting from WonderSwan Color (including PS1):

Action Probability Cycle
Attack 34.375%
Magic 31.25% Ice3Bolt3Slow2Cure4Fire3Ice2HasteFlare
Enemy-exclusive ability 34.375% BlazeTsunamiTwisterEarthquake

Prior to WSC (including NES):

Action Probability Cycle
Attack 25.00%
Enemy-exclusive ability 25.00% CRACKINFERNOSWIRLTORNADO


FFI PSP Blaze 4

Blaze in the 20th Anniversary version.

Chaos's unique version of Blaze is a strong fire-elemental attack that is more powerful than any other monster ability of the same name. Tsunami and Cyclone deal heavy non-elemental damage and Earthquake is an earth-elemental instant kill. Chaos attacks primarily with the three elements of fire, ice and lightning, debilitating physical fighters with Slowra and increasing his physical capability with Haste, as well as healing himself to full health with Curaja. To finish off, he uses his most powerful attack, Flare.


FFI Slowra EA

Slowra in the 20th Anniversary version.

It is wise to give three characters a Ribbon. In the NES and Origins versions, there are only three Ribbons, so one party member will have to make it without. It is recommended to give the Ribbons to the mages. In the other versions, the player can get a fourth Ribbon, so one can give Ribbons to every party member. The Ribbons mitigate damage from most of Chaos's spells, as well as resisting the paralysis from his physical attacks and the instant death caused by Earthquake. Characters without a Ribbon should have NulAll cast on them by a White Wizard, or at the very least, NulDeath by a White or Red Wizard to avoid paralysis and instant death. Protect Rings cannot block Earthquake as it is earth-elemental and not death-elemental. Slowra can be countered with Haste using either Ninjas, Black Wizards or Red Wizards.

Chaos resists every element and has high magic defense, so weapon strikes work the best. Knights, Ninjas, Masters and, if unneeded for healing, Red Wizards, should all have Haste cast upon them. Temper should be used on the physical fighters unless the version being played is the original NES/Famicom where the spell is bugged. Physical fighters can use the Giant's Gloves to boost their attack power even faster than with Temper, though if the party has casters who know Temper, they can buff and attack in the same turn. Buffing should be done up until Chaos casts Curaja, which is the party's cue to go heavily offensive before Chaos reaches Curaja again in his spell cycle.

To help defend against Chaos's physical attacks, the party should use Invisira (either cast by White or Red Wizards, or by using the White Robe item) and Protera. Afterwards, White Wizards should focus on healing with Healaga to target the entire party. Without a White Wizard, high Intelligence characters, like the Black Wizard and Red Wizard, should use the Healing Staff and/or Healing Helms when the entire party needs to be healed. The Red Wizard can fall back to Curaga if only a single target needs HP restored. If a Black Wizard finished buffing and has a free turn, he can attack with Flare.

If the party has few high Intelligence characters, it may be necessary to have three party members healing with the Healing Staff and Healing Helms and only one character focused on attacking.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy All the Bravest[]

Chaos ATB

This lord of discord thrives on strife. His knees subscribe to the same ideology, as well.

In-game description

Chaos is fought in Cornelia's Tract. He uses Beatdown and drops the Bastard Sword upon defeat.



Chaos refers to the void state preceding the creation of the universe in Greek creation myths, or to the initial "gap" created by the original separation of heaven and earth. Chaos also refers to a state of disorder, disharmony, dissonance, lawlessness, and unpredictability.