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Channelgate is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0 appearing in the mission The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold.


Enemy Compendium Edit

One of Rubrum's finest magiteknological advances, the dominion army has installed this device in nearly all of its strongholds. When an intruder approaches, the Channelgate will automatically generate a portal and call forth a powerful Eidolons. Although summoning usually requires a human being to sacrifice his or her life, scientists in Sorcery developed a way to freeze summoning portals in their early stages and then reactivate them using time manipulation magic—with or without someone present. However, resuming the summoning process requires an immense amount of energy, and the entire security system will shut down when one severs the power supply.

Battle Edit


Channelgates block pathways and summon Golems. They must be defeated to access the exit they guard.

Strategy Edit

Hitting the gate from afar with a ranged cadet works well, while simultaneously keeping clear of the slow-moving Golem the gate summons. Melee fighters can also make quick work of the Channelgate, but must watch out that the Golem is not nearby.

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