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Banner at the Dimensional Vortex.

The Chamber of the Fallen (降臨の間, Kōrin no Ma?, lit. Space of the Descent), previously known as the Vortex of Trials (試練の狭間, Shiren no Hazama?, lit. Interstice of Trials), is a feature and location in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Located at the Dimensional Vortex on the Farplane, it features a number of trials to challenge players.

Upon completion, players will reward powerful equipment, with the exception of the Chamber of the Reborn, which simply allows players to challenge once again the bosses from the Farplane's Tower of Earth. The trials are listed from newest to oldest.

Players can freely switch between the Chamber of the Fallen and the Chamber of the Indignant (真降臨の間, Shin Kōrin no Ma?, lit. Space of the True Descent), which features updated version of its bosses, giving them a significant boost of power and difficulty thus making them far more adept for present time. The bosses of these 'Scorn of' trials do not simply just have augmented stats, but may also behave much differently than their original counterparts. They gain additional abilities, change pattern behaviour, gain new elemental/status ailment resistances, etc.

List of trials[]

Enemy Chamber of the Fallen Chamber of the Indignant Released
Shinryu Shinryu's Trial
FFBE Shinryu's Trial JP.png
None 11 Dec 2018 (JP)
Dark Shiva & Dark Golem Beasts of the Dark II
FFBE Beasts of the Dark II JP.png
None 27 Apr 2018 (JP)
Calca & Brina
The Mad Doll
FFBE The Mad Doll.png
None 28 Feb 2018 (JP)
4 Oct 2018 (GL)
Great Malboro
Malboro Queen & Mini Malboro
Venomous Vines of Death
FFBE Venomous Vines of Death.png
None 27 Dec 2017 (JP)
? (GL)
Omega Ancient Hellbringer
FFBE Ancient Hellbringer.png
None 31 Oct 2017 (JP)
23 Aug 2018 (GL)
Dad Bomb & Mom Bomb; Bomb Juniors Great Explosion Festival
FFBE Great Explosion Festival.png
Scorn of the Explosion Festival
FFBE Scorn of the Explosion Festival JP.png
31 Aug 2017 (JP)
19 Jul 2018 (GL)
11 Mar 2019 (JP)
Bloody Moon
The Torturous Trio
FFBE The Torturous Trio.png
None 12 Jul 2018 (GL)
Iron Giant Armor of Oppression
FFBE Armor of Oppression.png
Scorn of the Armor of Oppression
FFBE Scorn of the Armor of Oppression JP.png
30 Jun 2017 (JP)
21 Jun 2018 (GL)
? (JP)
Elafikeras The Legendary Stag
FFBE The Legendary Stag.png
Scorn of the Legendary Stag
FFBE Scorn of the Legendary Stag JP.png
28 Apr 2017 (JP)
29 Mar 2018 (GL)
20 Nov 2018 (JP)
Glacial; Glacon The Fallen Ice Bird
FFBE The Fallen Ice Bird.png
Scorn of the Fallen Ice Bird
FFBE Scorn of the Fallen Ice Bird JP.png
30 Mar 2017 (JP)
21 Dec 2017 (GL)
28 Sept 2018 (JP)
Bloody Moon; Apostles Wicked Moon
FFBE Wicked Moon.png
Scorn of the Wicked Moon
FFBE Scorn of the Wicked Moon JP.png
28 Feb 2017 (JP)
22 Nov 2017 (GL)
30 Oct 2018 (JP)
Great Malboro; Malboro The Rumble of Malboro
FFBE The Rumble of Malboro 2.png
None 17 Aug 2017 (GL)
Aigaion, Left Arm & Right Arm Machina of Destruction
FFBE Machina of Destruction 2.png
Scorn of the Machina of Destruction
FFBE Scorn of the Machina of Destruction JP.png
21 Nov 2016 (JP)
20 Jul 2017 (GL)
11 Jan 2019 (JP)
Lich None Scorn of the Lich
FFBE Scorn of the Lich JP.png
30 Aug 2018 (JP)
Orthros & Typhon The Octopus and the Teacher
FFBE The Octopus and the Teacher.png
Scorn of the Octopus Teacher
FFBE Scorn of the Octopus Teacher JP.png
31 Aug 2016 (JP)
8 Jun 2017 (GL)
30 Jul 2018 (JP)
Echidna The Lure of Echidna
FFBE Lure of Equidna.png
None 18 May 2017 (GL)
Dark Siren & Dark Ifrit Beasts of the Dark
FFBE Beasts of the Dark.png
Scorn of the Dark Beasts
FFBE Scorn of the Dark Beasts JP.png
1 Aug 2016 (JP)
12 Apr 2017 (GL)
29 Jun 2018 (JP)
Gilgamesh Attack of Gilgamesh
FFBE Attack of Gilgamesh.png
Scorn of Gilgamesh
FFBE Scorn of Gilgamesh.png
21 Jun 2016 (JP)
9 Mar 2017 (GL)
31 May 2018 (JP)
21 Mar 2019 (GL)
13 different bosses (Europa; Searcher) March of the Beasts
FFBE Parade of the Possessed.png
Scorn of the Marching Beasts
FFBE Scorn of the Marching Beasts.png
31 May 2016 (JP)
18 Jan 2017 (GL)
30 Mar 2018 (JP)
18 Oct 2018 (GL)
2-Headed Dragon Attack of the 2-Headed Dragon
FFBE Attack of the 2 Headed Dragon.png
Scorn of the 2-Headed Dragon
FFBE Scorn of the 2 Headed Dragon.png
25 Feb 2016 (JP)
8 Dec 2016 (GL)
31 Jan 2018 (JP)
?? (GL)
Antenolla Attack of Antenolla
FFBE Attack of Antenolla.png
Scorn of Antenolla
FFBE Scorn of Antenolla.png
29 Jan 2016 (JP)
24 Nov 2016 (GL)
30 Nov 2017 (JP)
23 Aug 2018 (GL)
Normal enemies plus Greater Demon Surging Menace
FFBE Surging Menace.png
Scorn of the Surging Menace
FFBE Scorn of the Surging Menace.png
25 Dec 2015 (JP)
27 Oct 2016 (GL)
29 Sept 2017 (JP)
19 Jul 2018 (GL)
Intangir Attack of the Intangir
FFBE Attack of the Intangir.png
Scorn of the Intangir
FFBE Scorn of the Intangir.png
30 Nov 2015 (JP)
25 Aug 2016 (GL)
31 Jul 2017 (JP)
21 Jun 2018 (GL)
Brachiosaur Chamber of the Reborn
FFBE Chamber of the Reborn.png
Scorn of the Brachiosaur
FFBE Scorn of the Brachiosaur.png
Demon Chimera Scorn of the Demon Chimera
FFBE Scorn of the Demon Chimera.png
White Dragon Scorn of the White Dragon
FFBE Scorn of the White Dragon.png