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Challenge Dungeons (チャレンジダンジョン, Charenji Danjon?) are bonus dungeons in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Every character with their own tale has one. They become available to explore by talking to Challengingway after the tale has been cleared. The Challenge Dungeons are difficult multi-floor dungeons with powerful enemies and often bosses, but the player will receive a rare item or equipment piece for completing them. Challenge Dungeons must be completed multiple times to win all the items they offer.

Challenge Dungeons were originally included as a way to pass the time meaningfully while waiting for the next tale to be released. The Challenge Dungeons have been removed from the 3D remake, but the items from those dungeons can still be obtained in different ways.

Challenge Dungeons[]

Ceodore's Challenge Dungeon[]

In the WiiWare release, Ceodore's Tale was merged into Kain's Tale, and thus Ceodore's Challenge Dungeon was removed. In The Complete Collection, Ceodore's Tale is again its own chapter, and thus his Challenge Dungeon is available. It is a recreation of the Adamant Isle Grotto with the Adamantite Golem as a boss.

Kain's Challenge Dungeon[]

Kain's Challenge Dungeon

Kain's Challenge Dungeon is an ancient castle above a series of underground chambers. Holes in the ground leading into the caves prevent backtracking between the two areas. The boss of the dungeon is the Curse Dragon.

Rydia's Challenge Dungeon[]

Rydia's Challenge Dungeon

Rydia's Challenge Dungeon is a cave with many Trap Doors and Demon Walls. The last section of the dungeon is a room with ledges connected by ropes that trigger scripted encounters with enemies. The boss of the dungeon is the Boss Gobby who ambushes the player with three Minion Gobbies

Yang's Challenge Dungeon[]

Yang's Challenge Dungeon

Yang's dungeon consists of narrow, long chambers full of enemies, with a treasure chest at the end of each series of corridors that always contains a monster-in-a-box. The enemies get stronger with each new corridor. This Challenge Dungeon does not have a boss.

Palom's Challenge Dungeon[]

Palom's Challenge Dungeon

Palom's dungeon consists of three randomly-chosen floors, such as the Convoy Floor, which is a navy fleet connected by bridges, or the Flan Floor, which is full of Flan-type enemies. The Boss on the fourth and final floor is the Blade Dragon

Edge's Challenge Dungeon[]

Edge's Challenge Dungeon

Edge's Challenge Dungeon is a five-floor dungeon with a chest at the end. The player will be ranked for the time it takes them to reach it. The lower the time, the better the item. This Challenge Dungeon does not have a boss.

Porom's Challenge Dungeon[]

Porom's Challenge Dungeon

Porom's Challenge Dungeon has many people whom she must assist as a White Mage. This includes healing the sick, giving items, and saving people who are threatened by monsters. The player has fifteen minutes to complete the tasks and make it to the dungeon exit, receiving a better item the more people they help.

Edward's Challenge Dungeon[]

Edward's Challenge Dungeon

Edward's Challenge Dungeon requires him to sell items and do people favors to earn money. In the final room of the dungeon are chests that cost large sums of gil to open; the higher the amount paid to open one, the better the item inside.

Lunarian's Challenge Dungeon[]

Lunarian's Challenge Dungeon

There are two Challenge Dungeons. The first is located in the Hummingway Home, and the second at the Stone Face once the Proof of Courage item is won from the first dungeon. The bosses of the dungeons are Kirin and Armstrong.