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Watch out for this greedy bearer of the merchant's asterisk. He uses Takeover to deal damage equal to the money he spends, ignoring Default and defenses.


Chairman Profiteur is a boss in Bravely Default. Fought alongside Khint, the latter will depart from the battle when Profiteur is below half health.

Stats Edit

First Battle

Second Battle

Third Battle

Fourth Battle

Fifth Battle

Sixth Battle

Battle Edit

Chairman Profiteur has two attack methods in the initial half of the battle. He will either Default, followed by two Takeovers, dealing exactly 300 damage to afflicted targets; or he will attack with his staff, doing significantly less damage. After Khint leaves, Profiteur will use Pay to Play, quadrupling his critical hit percentage and making him that much more dangerous.

Strategy Edit

First World Edit

Like the battle with the Jackal, Profiteur is battled alongside Spell Fencer Khint. However, unlike the the battle with the Jackal, Profiteur is capable of far more damage for even less BP and won't use overuse Brave to the point that he's unable to act. This will require the White Mage to stay active at all times meaning they will need a White Cape to prevent Silence from Khint. Even then it may be a wiser choice to deal with Khint before Profiteur. Like the battle with the Jackal, Khint will use Depart when either he or Profiteur fall to half health, but with Profiteur's regular use of Default it will be faster to lower Khint's health.

Unlike the battle with Jackal, Profiteur can still be a threat on his own. This early in the game it is unlikely that anyone in the party can survive being struck with Takeover more than once as it deals 300 damage no matter what. Because of this, it will be necessary to keep the party's HP over 300 at all times. However, it is possible to lower the damage and make the battle easier to handle if each character is equipped with the Black Mage's Damage Dispersion ability, reducing the damage to 165 on the target and 45 to the others. Bringing Potions can greatly help prevent the White Mage from being overwhelmed from damage and from running out of MP.

His strategy does not change in subsequent battles in the second and third world, though his HP and stats are raised significantly. This results with his Takeover dealing exactly 2000 damage making him more of a threat. Damage Dispersion is again highly recommended.

Fourth World Edit

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Fifth World - Ancheim Edit

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Fifth World - Central Command Edit

In this battle, Erutus battles alongside Einheria Venus and the Jackal. He now uses a new ability, BP Drink, specifically Large BP Drink, granting his target 3 BP. He will constantly use this skill on either Einheria or Jackal should they be at 0 BP or below, due to the use of their BP hungry skills, otherwise he will use it on himself and assault the party with Takeover.

Battle Quotes Edit

Chapter 8 Edit

Profiteur: Eternian Forces, Second Division... Khamer and Profiteur Merchantry, to battle!
At the start of the battle
Profiteur: I'm not ready to be leaving all my money just yet!
After receiving some damage
Profiteur: ...Are we done yet? Hurry up and name your price.
After receiving some damage first
Profiteur: Gah! I'll not fall to zese proletarians!
Should Profiteur be defeated
Profiteur: Gah! I'll not fall to zese proletarians!
The Jackal: You just did! Now stand down and make room for us!
Should Profiteur be defeated before the Jackal
Profiteur: So, what happens to my assets now?
Should Profiteur be defeated last
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