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A Shinra materia researcher who commissions Cloud to collect monster data to further his studies. He harbors doubts about Shinra's current policies and wants to provide the citizens of the slums with materia powerful enough to overthrow the corporation. Though just a child, Chadley possesses an impressive intellect.

Chadley is a minor supporting character in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He is an intern for Shinra's Research and Development Division, a materia researcher, and Professor Hojo's assistant. He works in secret to undermine Shinra, commissioning Cloud to collect combat data to further his studies and achieve his ultimate goal. Though just a child, he possesses an impressive intellect.


I am an intern for Shinra's Research and Development Division. I hope you'll be interested in helping me with my research.

Chadley was created by Professor Hojo as a cyborg to serve as his research assistant. He was bound to his master's whims, who robbed him of his free will.[2]

Chadley meets Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Chadley introduces himself to Cloud.

During "Home Sweet Slum", Chadley was in the Sector 7 slums searching for candidates to help him with his research. When Cloud approached him, Chadley performed a physical analysis assessing his sizable weapon, excellent cardiovascular health, impressive lung capacity, perfectly balanced muscle and bone structure, and referred to him as an "optimal candidate". He introduced himself to Cloud as an intern for Shinra's Research and Development Division and hoped he'd be interested in helping with his research. He gave Cloud an Assess materia as down payment and requested he use it to gather battle intel to help him develop new types of materia. Cloud initially refused to help, believing that would aid Shinra, but Chadley assured he was working to undermine the corporation. He was sure Cloud would appreciate the power of materia and how it could be used against his "corporate enemies". He promised Cloud could later eliminate him should he prove untrustworthy, and the two reached an agreement.[3]

Chadley and Yuffie in Intermission from FFVIIR Intergrade

Chadley physically assessed Yuffie and played a game of Fort Condor with her.

During "Wutai's Finest" in "Episode INTERmission", Chadley performed a physical analysis on Yuffie, impressed with her agility and the muscular stature of her frame, and labeled her an acceptable candidate, prompting her to question his words. Chadley apologized and introduced himself, asked if she'd like to assist him with his combat research, and Yuffie accepted. He tasked her with fighting virtual Ramuh summon data to which she succeeded; he was impressed by her perseverance and even began copying some of Yuffie's vernacular.[4]

After Yuffie made a name of herself avidly playing Fort Condor, Chadley reviewed her Fort Condor match records, praised her skills, stated that she exhibited the "ability to perform in clutch", possessed the "heart of a champion", and thus was the ideal player. He requested Yuffie test her mettle on him in a game of Fort Condor and they intensely competed against each other.[5]

An impressed Chadley congratulated her victorious performance and was able to "substantiate his hypothesis" thanks to her. He explained to a confused Yuffie that he was testing security measures against Wutaian espionage operations, believing that if he offered a reward the "adoption rate would accelerate". A delighted Yuffie insisted to an apologetic Chadley to "skip to the end" and simplify his words to which he gave her the money and materia. She gloated about winning and learned that he was the grandmaster. He commended her capacity to "remain undeterred", "overcome adversity", considered her a worthy competitor, and gifted her a magnify materia. Yuffie then agreed with Chadley's request to "kick his next hypothesis' butt". At some point, he oversaw a digitizing Weiss at the Shinra Building.[6]

During "Budding Bodyguard", Chadley traveled to the Center District of the Sector 5 slums. He acknowledged that Cloud was busy, but reminded him about his research. He asked him to test a fascinating theory regarding summoning materia, which is rare and said to only be found in nature. He introduced Cloud to a VR headset used for combat simulation, had him test his theory by combating virtual Shiva summon data, and believed Cloud found his words to be "obtuse". Cloud defeated her and earned praise from Chadley, who said the "lady of frost" was the perfect companion for Cloud, and that she'd prove useful when the time would come to destroy Shinra.[7]

Chadley emotional response from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Chadley has an "emotional response" when seeing Cloud dressed as a woman.

During "The Town That Never Sleeps", Chadley migrated to Wall Market and when seeing Cloud dressed as a woman, questioned the "emotional response" he was experiencing.[8]

After the Sector 7 plate collapse in "A Broken World", Chadley returned to the Sector 5 slums and was glad to see Cloud was okay. He vowed to continue developing new materia to help people endure in these hard times. During "In Search of Hope", Chadley moved between the Sector 5 slums and Wall Market, and thanked Cloud for all the help, had Cloud battle virtual Leviathan summon data, praised him for defeating the patron deity of Wutai, and said together they could cleanse the world of the Shinra scourge.[9]

Before the plate collapse, Chadley returned to the Shinra Building where he digitized Weiss for the battle simulator. During "The Belly of the Beast", Chadley reminded Cloud of his research and position in Shinra's Research and Development Division. He hacked into the executives' private network to monitor Cloud's progress through the building. He expressed his support for Cloud, sensed a surge in trust, and wished to keep their exchange brief to avoid suspicion.[10]

Truth about Chadley from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Chadley reveals his true identity.

During "Deliverance from Chaos", Chadley traveled to Hojo's lab where he praised Cloud for tapping into the potential locked within him and said that his research had concluded. He revealed his true nature as a cyborg, mentioned his superior knowledge and power, and spoke on the ill treatment received from his master, Hojo. He sensed something within Cloud that would help him "break free of his chains". He admitted that by studying Cloud, he could adhere to the directives imposed upon him while simultaneously pursuing his plans for independence in secret. Cloud's combat data had provided Chadley with vital information needed to enhance his basic functionality. He had freed himself of Hojo's bondage, thanked Cloud's help, and was happy to be able live life unconfined. Cloud asked what Chadley was going to do now, but he was unsure and called it a wonderful mystery.[2]



Chadley in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chadley is a cyborg with the appearance of a 15-year-old human boy. In Remake, he has a slim build, fair skin, medium-length silver hair styled with bangs, and blue eyes. He wears a school uniform consisting of a white and blue button shirt, a black leather belt, black plaid shorts, tall black socks with suspenders, and brown boots. He wears a magnification eyepiece, a multi-colored orange bow on his right shoulder, a large backpack, and a white lab coat when in the Shinra Building.

In Rebirth, he wears a same style outfit but in different colors, though giving more "boy scout" feel than the previous get-up, as he is now traveling. His shirt is teal with embroidery on the pockets, and he has a belt across the waist. His shorts are shorter and dark blue and have pockets, and his knee socks are navy. He keeps the same brown leather boots but with darker laces. He still has a large backpack with the multi-colored orange bow on the right shoulder strap.


Chadley is a mature and intelligent teenager dedicated to his studies. He possesses impressive analytical and scientific skills. Doubting Shinra's current policies, he wants to help the people of the slums resist and overthrow the corporation using materia.[11] He also wishes to "break free of his chains" as Hojo forced obedience and robbed him of free will.[2] Chadley becomes flustered and questions his "emotional response" when seeing Cloud dressed as a woman.[8]


Chadley makes a digital copy of Weiss from FFVIIR INTERmission

Chadley digitizes Weiss in "Episode INTERmission".

Chadley is able to create VR simulations that others can use for training purposes to fabricate new Materia from scratch. As a testament to his scientific prospects, he is so adept he can create his own entirely original summoning Materia, something which even Shin-Ra Electric Power Company's greatest Mako engineers are incapable of accomplishing. In a cutscene in "Episode INTERmission", he is witnessed digitizing Weiss for the Shinra Combat Simulator. To facilitate his gameplay function, he appears to be able to appear in multiple places at the same time, giving the player access to him wherever they are.


Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

ATB Stagger in Chadleys Secret Research from FFVII Remake

Chadley's shop.

Chadley hosts a materia shop called Chadley's Secret Research where the player can get materia that are not available in normal shops. The shop gets new stock as the player completes battle intel missions. The first offering of a materia is a cheap 100 gil, but further copies cost more. Unlike other shops, Chadley's wares are limited in quantity.

In Episode INTERmission, Chadley is the grandmaster of Fort Condor in the Sector 7 slums. Yuffie can challenge him after besting all other players in the area. Upon losing, Chadley gifts Yuffie a Magnify Materia Magnify Materia. Chadley plays with the grandmaster's board, and is the toughest opponent, deploying many barracks that then keep deploying continuous troops. A workable strategy is to try to make it to his towers and then deploy troops right in front of them to quickly deal damage while using Regen and Barrier on one's own towers.

Episode INTERmission[]

Chadley outside neighborhood watch building.
Chadley's loadout.
Winning against Chadley.

Chadley is the final opponent in "Mastering Fort Condor".

Chadley is found outside the Neighborhood Watch Building and hosts a summon battle against Ramuh in his portable combat simulator; winning scores Ramuh as a summon.

Chadley is also the Grandmaster in "Mastering Fort Condor" quest. He only reveals his status after Yuffie has beaten all other opponents. It is ideal to buy more powerful units from the Old Snapper: Helicopter (Defense), Slug-Ray Facility (Ranged), and Sentry Gun (Defense) are particularly strong units. Chadley mostly deploys barracks and flying units. It is important to avoid using melee units. Instead, Helicopters, Slug-Ray Facilities, Grenadier Barracks (Ranged), and Helitrooper (Vanguard) suffice.

In the hard mode, a strategy of using the Grandmaster Board and weak units that don't require much ATB to deploy may work well. Sending out a Guard Dog (Vanguard) to beeline for the enemy outpost, a Security Officer (Vanguard) as back-up, and then deploying a unit that counters the grandmaster's offense. Using Aero and Thunder on the opponent's HQ reduces its HP by half. It is best to stay on the offense to finish quick and not expend effort in protecting the player's own outposts, aside from perhaps using the Stop spell to defend one's own HQ. Alternatively, the player can use Sorcerer Board II, which has more ATB and attack spells than the Grandmaster Board, but the Fire and Blizzard may need to be aimed by angling the board and targeting the side of the tower that doesn't have the barracks in front of it to avoid hitting Chadley's barracks rather than his headquarters. If the player manages to unleash all attack spells onto the HQ, they can wipe out most of its HP.

Board Units Reward(s)
Grandmaster Board[note 1]
Thunder materia icon for Fort Condor from FFVII Remake INTERmissionThunder
Aero materia icon for Fort Condor from FFVII Remake INTERmissionAero
Stop materia icon for Fort Condor from FFVII Remake INTERmissionStop
HP Up materia icon for Fort Condor from FFVII Remake INTERmissionHP Up
Helitrooper (Vanguard)
Security Officer Barracks (Vanguard)
Slug-Ray Facility (Ranged)
Blast-Ray (Defense)
Riot Trooper Barracks (Defense)
AP Up Materia AP Up Materia
Condor Coin x4
10,000 gil
Secrets of the Ninja Vol.VII
Secrets of the Staff Vol.VII
30,000 gil
  1. In hard mode, Chadley uses "Altered Grandmaster Board", but its stats and loadouts are identical to the board he uses in Easy/Normal mode.

Behind the scenes[]

Chadley was created as a vehicle to include content in which materia could be obtained through mission rewards. His role in lore as a Shinra researcher was created to accommodate this.[12] Chadley was given the portable VR headset, inspired by PlayStation VR, to allow the player to fight summons earlier.[13]