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A Shinra materia researcher who comissions Cloud to collect monster data to further his studies. He harbors doubts about Shinra's current policies and wants to provide the citizens of the slums with materia powerful enough to overthrow the corporation. Though just a child, Chadley possesses an impressive intellect.

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Chadley is a minor character from Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is a materia researcher who commissions Cloud Strife to collect various data to further his studies, and assists the people of the slums to resist Shinra. Though just a child, Chadley possesses an impressive intellect. Completing Chadley's jobs earns the player new materia, including summons.



Chadley is a boy with long silver hair styled with bangs. He wears a white school uniform top with blue accents, and has an intricately designed bow on his right shoulder. He wears a large backpack and a magnification eyepiece.


Chadley is a mature and highly intelligent boy with scientific and analytical skills far beyond what is typical of his age. If Cloud speaks to Chadley while dressed as a woman, Chadley will comment "Forgive me, miss, but the way you're staring at me is rather... O-oh goodness. I'm experiencing an emotional response." If Cloud speaks to him again, he will ask "What is this emotional response...?"


Cloud meets Chadley in the Sector 7 slums as part of the quests he is assigned working as a mercenary for the neighborhood watch. Chadley assigns him a number of battle-related tasks to complete to further his research. He travels throughout Midgar and assigns Cloud more tasks as he continues on his journey.

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In truth, Chadley is not a human boy, but a cyborg created and employed by Hojo to assist him with research. In spite of his programming, Chadley reworks himself to be free of Hojo's control, and does so with Cloud's help. After revealing his predicament to Cloud, Chadley basks in his freedom and begins a new existence unconfined.

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