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Cetme District.

The Cetme District (セトメ地区, Setome Chiku?) is a region of the Militesi territory in Final Fantasy Type-0, with Cetme being the main city of this region. It is covered in snow due to the cold climate in the eastern regions. It becomes available in chapter 7.


The crater caused by Alexander's "Divine Light".

The district connects to Azurr District in the west, to Meroë Region in the east, and is surrounded by mountains in the north and south. However, a cave in the southern mountains serves as only connection to the West Nesher District. A big crater coming from the east and reaching up to the center is the remnant of the Verboten Eidolon Alexander's Divine Light.


Cetme is the main city of this district located next to the tip of the crater.



  • The Cetme District can be first accessed in Chapter 7, during the Expert Trial Operation Sticky Fingers, as Class Zero has to locate an officer in Cetme to secure intel. Once this mission is completed, Cetme District will belong to the Dominion of Rubrum.
  • Once in the dominion's possession, another Expert Trial is unlocked: Secret Agents Zero. Class Zero has to climb Mt. Klimov in order to inspect the area as Rubrum lost contact to a recon team surveying the empire.


Yatsude in Cetme asks Class Zero to eliminate the remaining imperial troops around Cetme in Stamp Out the Stragglers.


l'Cie Theo's Crystal is found at the tip of the crevasse.


Enemies in this area are between levels 34-59


Cactuar spawned in Cetme District.

There are also LV99 Wendigos standing near the forest the player can engage at will. LV99 Cactuars spawn in the region rarely.