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You may have won control of Orience, but don't think the people of Cetme will go quietly. I'd rather rot in the ground than live under the Vermilion banner!

Imperial Citizen

Cetme is the main city of the Cetme District in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is located next to the crater and can be first accessed in Chapter 7 after finishing the either the Expert Trial Operation Sticky Fingers or the story mission The Kingdom's Final Hours.


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Jörg Paradis was a lowly lord in Azurr who encountered a White Tiger l'Cie in 174, three years before he crowned himself Emperor of Milites. His study in crystal-driven technology led to the invention of firearms. His subjugation of Azurr was swift and merciless, and out of the ashes rose Ingram in the north, the capital chosen to house the White Peristylium as Paradis made his formal declaration of empire. Paradis's annexation of Cetme solidified the empire as the new military might in Orience.

Cetme on the world map.

Cetme is an imperial town in Cetme District near the border to the Dominion of Rubrum. After Militesi Empire allies with the Kingdom of Concordia to invade Rubrum, the coalition starts a joint campaign to attack the dominion on two fronts simultaneously. The dominion repels the imperial invasion on its western front when the Vermilion Bird Secundus l'Cie Lady Caetuna summons the Verboten Eidolon Alexander to annihilate the imperial forces.

Having lost the majority of its troops, Milites installs garrison forces at imperial base cities and orders the rest of the army to regroup at the capital city of Ingram. One of the base cities is Cetme that tries to fend off the dominion assault. During the battle dominion Central Command discovers an imperial officer in possession of classified documents and assigns Class Zero to retrieve them. The cadets succeed and obtain valuable information regarding magitek armor research and development.

After the town is taken over the citizens plead that they had nothing to do with the military and that they are but hard-working, kindhearted people who don't deserve to be treated like criminals. Yet, the dominion tribunes deem the townsfolk as planning rebellion and look to banish all Militesi from the city despite many having nowhere to go. The local soldiers have surrendered with the dominion forces stripping them of spoils. When one imperial soldier attacks a legionary, he is killed.

Captured imperial soldiers.

After news arrives the capital has fallen some imperials try to escape but they are captured by the dominion legionaries stationed in the town. Some speculate the shock of losing the capital may lead to a revolt. The citizens remain in a state of disbelief the empire they thought invincible could have fallen, some citing its reliance on the White Tiger Crystal as the reason for its downfall.

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During Operation Sticky Fingers, Class Zero infiltrates the imperial Cetme to locate an officer and secure valuable information.


Prime timing cadets: I need your assistance with something. After a thorough interrogation, these goons let us know that some of their buddies are still hiding out nearby. We've only just taken control of the city. Our hands are pretty full maintaining order in the town, so I need you to take out the surviving units instead.


Yatsude, an dominion legionary in Cetme, asks Class Zero to eliminate 20 Imperial Troopers around Cetme. The cadets can fight them on the world map, but likely a faster way to complete the task is to redo the Operation Sticky Fingers Expert Trial if they have done it.

Starving kid[]

If the cadets talk to a kid running around near surrendered soldiers they have the option of giving him 300 gil when he asks for money to feed his starving siblings. If the cadets yield, the kid reveals he was lying to get the money. Talking to the surrendered soldiers reveals the kid had cleaned their pockets of valuables as well.


You need anything, cadet? If you're running low on supplies, it wouldn't hurt to stock up now just in case.

Dominion Legionary

The merchant in town sells weapons and accessories.

Item Price
Imperial Tarot 2000 gil
Marching Fife 2000 gil
Power Bow 2000 gil
Riot Gun 2000 gil
Battle Mace 2000 gil
Steel Scythe 2000 gil
Chain Whipblade 2000 gil
Iron Fists 2000 gil
Harpoon 2000 gil
Imperial Blade 2000 gil
Imperial Saber 2000 gil
Hardedges 2000 gil
Mecha-Rapiers 2000 gil
Butterfly Edges 2000 gil
Vitality Apparatus 4000 gil
Soldier's Gloves 5000 gil
Ballistic Armor 3000 gil
Pierceproof Armor 2000 gil
U1-Shock Damper 3000 gil
Circumventor 2000 gil
Zircon Shield 20000 gil


Ehm's Crystal.


CETME is an acronym for Centro de Estudios Técnicos de Materiales Especiales (Center for Technical Studies of Special Materials), a Spanish government design and development establishment. While being involved in many projects CETME was mostly known for its small arms research and development. The CETME rifle is its most famous project and the CETME name is most often used to refer to this rifle.