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Cerigg is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. Appearing in the Shadowbringers expansion, Cerigg is one of the key characters for the Magical DPS role questline. He functions as the quest giver for the questline.


Cerigg seeks a companion to hunt for Cardinal Virtue Phronesis and invites the Warrior of Darkness to join him. Cerigg explains that Phronesis do not face their enemies directly, but wreak havoc through what people call "the hollows"─compact dimensional portals, evoked from void that swallow everything around them. Exercising due caution, he promises to do the necessary research before attempting to approach the sin eater itself.

Cerigg tries to use a mannequin to track the sin eater and observe from afar so he can assess the safe distance to keep from a hollow without being sucked into the void. As Warrior of Darkness approaches the hollow, he hears a voice from beyond. At Cerigg's suggestion, the Warrior of Darkness channels his aether into the open void to serve as a lighthouse and is surprised to see a boy emerge from the other side. Although he has some experience with young children, Cerigg nevertheless promises to take care of the amnesiac boy until a more suitable tutor can be found.

The boy only remembers his name Taynor and according to his caregiver he apparently has magical powers. Despite efforts, Cerigg and the Warrior of Darkness are unable to find the boy's tutor. The Warrior of Darkness has a vision of Taynor's past through the power of Echo and sees that Taynor was a young mage who trained with the same teacher as Nyelbert, one of the ancient Warriors of Light who now roams the area as Phronesis. Cerigg explains to Taynor that, as bizarre as it may seem, the events in his memory must have occurred over a hundred years ago. Now convinced that his young companion is the key to defeating the terrible Phronesis, Cerigg proposes that Taynor join the hunt for the Phronesis.

Taynor begins to recover his memory and to remember the enchantments he learned. During his training, Taynor manages to open a portal and ends up attracting Phronesis to the site. Taynor manages to fend off one of Phronesis' holes and save Cerigg from a terrible fate.

Taynor says his feelings for Nyelbert's memories.

After all of Taynor's training is finally completed, the party goes on to its final showdown with Phronesis. Taynor conjures up his magic to attract Phronesis and although the battle was harrowing, the party was victorious. In the last moments of the sin eater, Nyelbert's memories manifest, revealing how the archmage continued to look for a way to bring his friend back from the crevice until the end of his days.

Taynor expresses his gratitude for everything that Warrior of Darkness and Cerigg did for him, explaining that their adventures together gave him the confidence he needs to fight on his own. Cerigg responds by inviting the boy to become his partner and continues his adventure together, an offer that Taynor enthusiastically accepts. Cerigg promises to take good care of the boy, show him the world and help him grow into his new life as a bounty hunter. Accepting his share of the reward for defeating Phronesis.




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Steelarm Cerigg is an allied npc in the Special Instance during magical DPS role quest level 80 A Tearful Reunion A Tearful Reunion and at the end of The Heroes' Gauntlet The Heroes' Gauntlet.