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Ceres is a dragon in Final Fantasy Dimensions and serves as the surrogate mother of Barbara and also as her mount.


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Years before the series events, Ceres served as the dragon of Abel, a renowned Dragoon, who fought and died on war. His orphaned child Barbara was then found by Ceres who took her under her wing, becoming her guardian. The two secluded themselves from humanity, however, Barbara became a Dragoon through her life with Ceres.

Years later the Avalonian Empire would start a murderous campaign against the dragons by poisoning their water supply, leaving many of them weakened and killed, eventually secluding themselves from any human contact. Ceres was also poisoned while trying to lay her egg.

The Warriors of Light meet Barbara and gaining her trust, venture through Highwind Tower were Ceres was to lay her egg. When the party reaches the top of the tower, Ceres is weakened and driven mad by the poison and attacks the party in fury. The Warriors try to defend themselves but Barbara pleads to not hurt her and is injured by Ceres. Seeing this the dragon comes back to her senses and eats the Dragon Grass to heal herself from the poison.

The party is then interrupted by Vata of the Wind one of the Generals of the Avalonian Empire who decides to attack the party on his own. The Warriors fend of Vata and defeat him, while gaining the powers of the Dragoon through the crystal on Abel's Lance, the memento of the fallen Dragoon to his daughter. Vata, however, steals a part of the power after feigning defeat and acquires Dragoon powers, which he unleashes on the party before retreating, satisfied with the results.

Ceres eventually dies laying her egg, which is placed under the protection of Barbara. By the end of the game, Ceres's offspring has matured into an adult dragon.

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Ceres is faced on a scripted battle in which she will attack Barbara. After this, the battle ends immediately.


In ancient Roman religion, Ceres was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships.