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The Ceratosaur is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII that is found in the Sulyya Springs. It is the mark of Cie'th Stone Mission 28, and appears in Missions 14, 16, and 59 as an additional enemy. In Missions 16 and 59, the Ceratosaur can only appear if the Ceratoraptor uses Courtship Dance to call four Ceratosaurs.

Mission Edit

28 - Faded GloryEdit

Mark: Ceratosaur
Locale: Oerba - Village Proper
Class: C

This timeworn ghost town is Oerba? I hardly recognize the place! Could the ceratosaurs I've been sent to destroy have done this? And even if they did, what purpose would it serve to eradicate them now? Are the fal'Cie planning to raise a new village in this white wasteland?

Well, whatever they intend, I suppose I'd better get to the harbor where the creatures nest...

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

If not dealt with quickly, the Ceratosaur can wreak havoc in groups. Its biggest weakness is its HP; it is easy to kill, but its attacks are strong. Weaker parties are advised to use a Medic. Firaga works especially well since this creature is weak against Fire.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Etymology Edit

Ceratosaur is the common name for the many dinosaurs of the infraorder Ceratosauria.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

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