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Central Thanalan.

Central Thanalan is a location in Final Fantasy XIV.

It largely serves as a starting zone for players beginning in Ul'dah.

Story Edit

Locations Edit

Central Thanalan lies directly north of Ul'dah. It connects to Eastern Thanalan in the northwest, to Southern Thanalan in the southwest, to Western Thanalan in the west, and to Northern Thanalan in the north. Access to the city-state is available through the Gates of Nald and Thal.

Aetherytes Edit

The only Aetheryte is located at Black Brush Station, in the upper center of the map.

Areas Edit

Central Thanalan contains the following areas:

  • Spineless Basin - A field along the western edge of the city-state walls.
  • Black Brush - The central region of the zone.
  • The Clutch - A watering hole to the northeast.

Settlements Edit

Black Brush Station Edit

Black Brush Station

Black Brush Station.

Originally a basic aetheryte camp, the construction of a rail line for transporting mining results gave it a new form and function.

Weather Edit

Eastern Thanalan's semi-climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

  • Clear Skies
  • Sunshine
  • Fog
  • Overcast
  • Duststorms

Places of Interest Edit

Sultantree Edit

Ul'dah Dispatch Yard Edit

The southernmost station of Ul'dah's rail line, located next to the Royal Plantations.

Sil'dih Excavation Site Edit

The site of the ruins of Sil'dih, destroyed in a bitter feud with its sister nation of Ul'dah.

The Coffer & Coffin Edit

A tavern just south of Black Brush Station. Triple Triad can be played at this establishment.

Cutter's Cry Edit

The Bonfire Edit

A small enclave of Mutamix Bubblypots and his followers, the foremost researchers of Materia.

Quiveron Manse Edit

The former estate of a member of the Syndicate who perished dfuring the Calamity. Now home to Lalafellin bandits.

Nanawa Mines Edit


FATEs Edit

Guildhests Edit

Other Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Huge Hornet
  • Star Marmot
  • Snapping Shrew
  • Orobon
  • Antling Worker
  • Syrphid Cloud
  • Hammer Beak
  • Amalj'aa Striker
  • Amalj'aa Impaler
  • Spriggan Graverobber
  • Qiqirn Shellsweeper
  • Eft
  • Antling Soldier
  • Sun Bat
  • Cochineal Cactuar
  • Quiveron Attendant
  • Quiveron Guard
  • Giant Tortoise
  • Antling Sentry
  • Toxic Toad
  • Ovjang (B-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Sabotender Bailarana (A-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Brontes (S-Rank Elite Mark)

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