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The main gate of Ul'dah opens up to the desolate wastes that comprise central Thanalan. Caravans laden with goods can be seen passing through the area, as can tired refugees lacking even their daily bread. This is a place that strikes a stark contrast between those who have naught, and those who want for naught.


Central Thanalan is a location in Final Fantasy XIV in the Thanalan region. It largely serves as one of the starting zones for players beginning in Ul'dah.

Story Edit

Locations Edit

Central Thanalan lies directly north of Ul'dah. It connects to Eastern Thanalan in the northeast, to Southern Thanalan in the southeast, to Western Thanalan in the west, and to Northern Thanalan in the north. Access to the city-state is available through the Gates of Nald and Thal.

Aetherytes Edit

The only Aetheryte is located at Black Brush Station, in the upper center of the map.

Areas Edit

Central Thanalan contains the following areas:

  • Spineless Basin - A field along the eastern edge of the city-state walls.
  • Black Brush - The central region of the zone.
  • The Clutch - A watering hole to the northeast.

Settlements Edit

Black Brush Station Edit

Black Brush Station

Black Brush Station.

A marvel of modern innovation, the steam engine has transformed the mining industry, increasing efficiency and profits thrice over. It has also led to the transformation of what was once a thinly manned aetheryte outpost into a thriving crossroads of labor and commerce—a new pillar to support the thriving Ul'dahn economy.


Originally a basic aetheryte camp, the construction of a rail line for transporting mining results gave it a new form and function.

Weather Edit

Central Thanalan's semi-arid climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

  • FFXIV Weather Clear icon Clear Skies
  • FFXIV Weather Fair icon Fair Skies
  • FFXIV Weather Fog icon Fog
  • FFXIV Weather Clouds icon Overcast
  • FFXIV Weather Dust Storms icon Dust Storms

Places of Interest Edit

Sultantree Edit

Ul'dah Dispatch Yard Edit

The southernmost station of Ul'dah's rail line, located next to the Royal Plantations.

Sil'dih Excavation Site Edit

The site of the ruins of Sil'dih, destroyed in a bitter feud with its sister nation of Ul'dah.

The Coffer & Coffin Edit

A tavern just south of Black Brush Station. Triple Triad can be played at this establishment.

Cutter's Cry Edit

The Bonfire Edit

FFXIV The Bonfire

The Bonfire.

A small enclave of Mutamix Bubblypots and his followers, the foremost researchers of Materia.

It is the only place where Materia transmutation can be done. By talking to Mutamix, players can transmute 5 Materias into one, though this is a complete random process, so the result can be a better Materia or a worst one.

Quiveron Manse Edit

The former estate of a member of the Syndicate who perished dfuring the Calamity. Now home to Lalafellin bandits.

Nanawa Mines Edit


  • FFXIV Miner Icon Ephemeral Node (25-15) 7:00 a.m. - (Slots 1, 6, 7, 8)
  • FFXIV Fisher Icon Upper Soot Creek (23-18) - Freshwater
  • FFXIV Fisher Icon Lower Soot Creek (16-23) - Freshwater
  • FFXIV Fisher Icon The Clutch (29-21) - Freshwater
  • FFXIV Fisher Icon The Unholy Heir (27-19) - Freshwater

Sightseeing LogEdit

  • 017 - The Ruins of Sil'dih (15-22) 08:00 ~ 12:00 FFXIV Weather Fog icon Emote: /lookout
  • 053 - Black Brush Station (21-17) 18:00 ~ 05:00 FFXIV Weather Dust Storms icon Emote: /lookout
  • 054 - Gate of Nald (18-26) 12:00 ~ 17:00 FFXIV Weather Clear icon Emote: /sit



Near an old mountain path once used by Sixth Astral Era woodcutters as a detour through the more perilous stretches of northern Thanalan, lies a cave sought out only by the ignorant or the foolish. Upon first glance, the shade of its maw might appear inviting to one who seeks to escape the punishing rays of the midday sun. However, any good woodcutter knows to keep his distance, for it is said all who enter, never return - the cries of the damned echoing up from the depths the only testament to their folly. Heed this dire warning, and you may live. Ignore it, and soon it shall be your screams that add to the cacophony.

FATEs Edit

Slay enemiesEdit

  • Like an Eft out of Water (21-23) - Level 5
Drawn by the sumptuous scent of roasting meat and hot mulled wine, efts have crawled out from the muddy flats of their normal habitat to dine at nearby cookfires. Slay a few and the kindly cooks shall roast up a few for their starveling sons.
  • Survivor Rats (18-20) - Level 6
A band of Qiqirn bandits has left its camp in search of fresh prey, and the Brass Blades are bent on seeing the beastmen's efforts end in failure. All aid provided by adventurers will be noted and duly rewarded.
  • Big Time (15-22) - Level 7
Fear of being pummeled by sledgehammer beaks is preventing miners from delivering their ore to assayers in Ul'dah. The Brass Blades seek help in clearing the Royal Allagan Starway of any and all threats.
  • For the Queen (19-15) - Level 9
Giant antling sentries are on the march, most likely in search of Lalafellin children to snatch up and take back to their queen. Slay the vilekin before they catch the scent of a plump, innocent morsel.
  • Orobon Part Two The Spawning (29-20) - Level 14
A poor boy whose father was eaten by an orobon (yes, an orobon) has sworn bloody revenge against the terrible wavekin who rendered him a starveling orphan. While it won't bring his father back, the indiscriminate slaying of random orobon may just help restore the sparkle in the young boy's eyes.


  • Something to Prove (21-23) - Level 5
Ever since being denied entry into the Pugilists', Gladiators', Lancers', Marauders', and Archers' Guilds, Grishild the Ungood has taken to challenging anyone and everyone to duels, hoping to prove her detractors wrong. Or perhaps she's simply a masochist.
  • A Warm Welcome (18-23) - Level 7
Descended from Coerthas in search of warm stones, a spriggan known in the north as Spitfire is terrorizing the local smallfolk and hoarding precious ores and gems intended for sale to the Goldsmiths' Guild. Give the crafty creature a good cuffing and send him on his way back home.
  • Cracked (17-19) - Level 9
As his colorful moniker suggests, notorious Qiqirn bandit Babaroon Halfshell prefers his prey firm on the outside and runny on the inside─something to keep in mind when he has you in an iron cookpot, boiling over an open flame. Now get cracking before he grows hungry.
  • Leaving the Nest (17-15) - Level 12
The nest commander─a giant antling from Hellsbrood Holes─is out hunting again. Volunteers are wanted to see the violent vilekin slain.
  • Cold-blooded (28-19) - Level 14
Descended from Coerthas in search of warm stones, a spriggan known in the north as Spitfire is terrorizing the local smallfolk and hoarding precious ores and gems intended for sale to the Goldsmiths' Guild. Give the crafty creature a good cuffing and send him on his way back home.


  • Wrecked Rats (19-20) - Level 7
Cockeyed Qiqirns denied entry to the Coffer & Coffin have not taken the news well and are causing trouble for the heavy who was hired to keep characters like these from causing trouble. Lend the poor lad a hand in helping the beastmen sober up.

Gather itemsEdit

  • Let them Eat Cactus (23-16) - Level 5
Appalled that the displaced souls living in the shantytowns beneath the towering city walls of Ul'dah are driven to eat rat tails and coblyn legs just to survive, the sultana has ordered her subjects to procure edible cactus leaves and distribute them to the starving masses.
  • A Few Arrows Short of a Quiver (23-20) - Level 11
The summer home of Eolande Quiveron─former Syndicate member, before tragically losing her life in the Calamity─has been occupied by thieving bandits, one even claiming, in fact, to be the noble lady's heir. Rumor has it the bandits use the run-down manor to hide their booty, and a merchant is seeking aid in recovering his stolen goods.

Guildhests Edit

Wealthy noble Teledji Adeledji has had his prized pet, a rare gil turtle, kidnapped by ruthless bandits who seek a sizable ransom for the gentle wavekin's return. Always a man of principle, Teledji Adeledji has decided that instead of caving to the bandit's demands, he will offer the ransom to anyone who can safely retrieve his pet from the clutches of evil. After weakening the gil turtle, slay fire sprites and use their cores to light a special herb on fire. The smoke released should be powerful enough to put the creature to sleep, but only if the turtle is close enough to the flames.

Other Edit

Elite MarksEdit

Mark Hunt Description
B Ovjang
Ovjang. A mammet of some antiquity, last in possession of a wealthy collector who suffered from a particularly virulent case of buyer's remorse."

"He ordered the mammet disassembled and sold off for parts. However, once under the chisel, the mammet came to and attacked the smith, wounding her badly before making its escape.

A Sabotender Bailarina
Sabotender Bailarina
“Sabotender Bailarina blooms but once every two score years. The flower is remarkable less for its appearance, which are pedestrian enough, and more for its fragrance."

"The scent has been described by naturalists as an olfactory equivalent of fingernails on slate, and sends sabotenders into violent frenzy. Whether the effect arises from discomfort or lust is unknown.”

S Brontes
“One of a pair of cyclops captured several years ago on Vylbrand by the Adventurers' Guild and subsequently separated."

"Brontes was sold to an Ul'dahn circus, where he proved a prize draw, and never more so than on his last day, when he slew two of his keepers over a haunch of venison barded in flare fat before escaping." "Having learned the joys of enlightened cuisine during his captivity, the cyclops is drawn by the aroma of fine comestibles, much to the terror of culinarians.”

Musical themes Edit

The theme that plays during the day is titled To The Sun, while the theme that plays during the night is titled Fleeting Rays.

The theme that plays in settlements is titled The Gift Of Life.


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